Skin playing truant/Managing eruptions

 My skin is generally a magical thing, it puts up with all kinds of crazy things, makeup , crazy food, even forgetting to drink water (oh dear no). All it needs is some basic face packs and it shines like a new penny, partly this is because it is oily and partly because it loves  some yummy face packs now and again.   But when it is one of its moods , well then there is no stopping it.  It  needs some special foods and a magic pack I rely on extensively to get it to calm a bit. 

The first thing I do when my skin is breaking out is add some amla powder or mulethi powder to the warm water I drink in the morning. I have been having the tulsi tea, which is easily available at most fabindia outlets, to avoid catching cold due to season change.

The second magical ingredient is tender coconut water, make sure to eat the coconut flesh as well. Not only is it yummy and cooling. It will detoxify you and give you minerals and vitamins. Two days of drinking coconut water generally calms my breakout so beautifully, that I am a calmer and happier person.

The third magical ingredient , and I cant stress this enough is sweet lime juice, this is easy to digest, rich in vitamin C and adds fibre in a yummy way. And this is super cheap and available on the street side, as long as you ensure they dont add ice to the juice you are safe. 

I made a simple clay pack, and I guess  it is super easy to put together for everyone. There is also a gel pack , which I made a while back which was a dupe for fabindia's clove gel pack. That works on blemishes too. 

All the ingredients are easily available and cheap.

What you need

Multani mitti /any other clay- 2 teaspoons
Marigold flowers- 2
Tulsi leaves- 10-12 (if fresh, using dried leaves or tulsi powder no more than half teaspoon)
Cucumber-  An inch thick slice

Separate the petals of marigold flowers,  using scissors cut them further. Cut tulsi leaves too, and finely chop cucumber, add two teaspoons of clay, and just whizz this in your mixer grinder.  (both tulsi and marigold  are tough to grind, so don’t expect a paste.) You will get a thick liquidy mixture since cucumber turns to water easily, and you will have chunks of marigold and tulsi. Don’t worry. Just let this pack sit for fifteen minutes. Then using a sieve , remove the parts of marigold and tulsi that were not ground fine. When your skin is aggravated , you do not want to pain it further. So make sure the paste is super smooth.

Apply this on your  face and leave it to dry. I generally wash packs in 20 minutes, but this one has cucumber in it which will ensure your skin doesn’t get stretchy. If you have dry skin, and breakouts happen, do add half a teaspoon of honey to this to ensure your skin doesn’t feel dry and pulled after you wash the pack off.
Once dry wash off with warm water and apply any oil free moisturizer or aloe vera gel. 


  1. Informative! I'm trying these tips for sure

  2. do try it and let me know how it worked out..

  3. Great tips! We don't get coconut water easily in my city (except at Big Bazar which is like 9375 miles away from my house). So, I'll rely on your other useful ideas instead. Thanks for that great pack idea. Will probably have to steal a marigold flower from the college garden though. :P

    1. basically just drink mosumbi juice, nimbu paani, even amla juice is good. hahaha do try stealing marigolds. it is so much fun to just take flowers and leaves from some garden. btw this might be an easier pack to make for you , since all these articles are likely to be in your kitchen..

    2. That pack was brilliant! Thankee! :D I tried it yesterday and it calmed a fat red pimple that had been dancing on my forehead for the past two days. How often can we use this gel pack? Would thrice a week be a little too much?

    3. hey lovely to know it worked super well.. basically these are the only packs that can calm my skin. i think thrice a week is a good frequency. i suggest the same, as in using the pack at the most on alternate days, so that your skin gets rest time in between. however if you are getting a lot of boils and pimples, use it for 2 -3 days continuously but make sure to give your skin a break from the pack since cloves are pretty strong. or you can apply the gel pack only on the inflamed areas.


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