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Beauty rescue must haves – Oily problem Skin

As you guys know I am bit of a sucker for DIYand all things natural. There are some products that I keep buying and restocking my collection of beauty finds with, for the purpose of this post I am going to list only 5 items (no cheating) that I absolutely always fall back on when an unexpected zit pops up or my skin gets itchy and inflamed. 

1.  Tea tree oil- Never ever be without this if you have oily and acne prone skin. Most stores stock this nowadays.  All aromatherapy oil brands make this oil. Definitely buy this, it will never let you down. (oh excuse my gushing). Aroma magic , RK’s Aroma  are some of the brands that sell tea tree oil. This is perfect for when your skin is beginning to look like it is on the verge of breaking out. Like with all natural products, you should not wait for things to get worse, but take them asap. Mix 2 drops of this oil with your toner and/ or aloe vera gel apply  and wake up with a more calm skin.  I also use this when my scalp gets itchy, especiall…

Nail polish must haves (my little collection)

We all love a bright peppy nailpaint on our toes to brighten up the day, and make our rainy season greys / blues disappear.  I generally wear a dark shade on my toes, it makes me feel more confident about displaying my feet through open toed sandals, a must in the rainy season and prevents the dirty water from going into my nails. What better time to share my thoughts on nail paint with you.I have a small set of nailpaints, I thought I should share the collection with you with my thoughts on them.
And I plan to add to the family which I agree could do with a few more shades, but I hardly end up finishing a single bottle so I am wondering what to do with so many.

I believe that there are some classic colours each of us should own. none of the classics I own contain shimmer, that is simply because just good old solid colour keeps the look natural, neutral and understated. Shimmer I  feel is good for special occasions, but for everyday wear it can be a bit too much.
The classics 

Bold pink lips and bronzed cheeks.

I remember before I became a beauty blogger, my one vice was buying beauty/fashion magazines. Especially if they were beauty specials. So I decided to flip through some old beauty magazines. Partly because all beauty looks I can manage to think of right now, are largely very trendy, done to death looks. I wanted something that was different. Something a bit different that was taking something that is very now, and mixing it up with something that was a bit older. The way we mix retro with modern twists.
So here is the look I chose.  It s a bit of beachy bronzy look, but with a punchy pink lip that is so now. (or so I hope). So I thought to do a bit of this look, with a bit of minimalism thrown in. Less drama on eyes and pinker lips. 
So here is the tutorial.