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As you guys know I am bit of a sucker for DIY  and all things natural. There are some products that I keep buying and restocking my collection of beauty finds with, for the purpose of this post I am going to list only 5 items (no cheating) that I absolutely always fall back on when an unexpected zit pops up or my skin gets itchy and inflamed. 

1.  Tea tree oil- Never ever be without this if you have oily and acne prone skin. Most stores stock this nowadays.  All aromatherapy oil brands make this oil. Definitely buy this, it will never let you down. (oh excuse my gushing). Aroma magic , RK’s Aroma  are some of the brands that sell tea tree oil. This is perfect for when your skin is beginning to look like it is on the verge of breaking out. Like with all natural products, you should not wait for things to get worse, but take them asap. Mix 2 drops of this oil with your toner and/ or aloe vera gel apply  and wake up with a more calm skin.  I also use this when my scalp gets itchy, especially in monsoons, when my hair and scalp play havoc on my life. I add just one drop of this to 1 tablespoon of my hair oil, which is anything from olive oil to almond oil and massage it into my scalp. Btw in case you already have horrid dandruff you can add 3-4 drops to 1 tablespoon of your hair oil.

Most of these things are now easily available, but let me know if something seems particularly difficult to get, and I could try coming up with an alternative. 

2. Aloe vera gel- no beauty kit is complete without this , I use it to scrunch my hair, on my face when it misbehaves and turns into an oilfield. This can be used by all oily skin beauties who want moisture but no oil and are worried about putting on something chemical on their face when the skin is all flaring up.In fact aloe vera with tea tree and grapeseed oil makes a lovely soothing skin balm. I make a small batch of this mix and use it largely around PMS when my skin tends to breakout and itch more than usual. 

3.  Multani Mitti-  This is the quickest and cheapest facial. It absorbs excess oil and leaves no chemical like soapy residue on your skin (Saslic- which is an awesome face wash takes ages to wash off, so there are times when I just prefer multani mitti). This is perfect on the T zone, and it also shrinks your pores (at least in appearance for a while. ) If you ever find it leaves your skin super dry, just mix multani mitti with milk to take care of the stretchy feeling. Don’t worry it wont make your skin oily. Another home remedy is sandalwood powder or red sandalwood powder mixed with multani mitti and applied on boils (even those you get when you eat too many mangoes) will help soothe the area.  Whenever I have a party to attend I swear by a tomato face pack which uses multani mitti.

      4.  Kailas Jeevan- Ok I know this is not DIY, but it is the most amazing all purpose beauty rescue product. I had mentioned it here before. Basically if you live in Maharashtra, just ask your chemist for this. This looks super oily and it is , but it will never worsen your breakouts. It hasn’t for me ever. And I even apply this on my forehead, it sure makes it oily. But no breakouts. So that is good isn’t it. If you are scared by how oily it is , apply this, leave it on for an hour or so, and then follow up with a multani mitti pack. Growing up this was used when we were out of soframycin, or when we had a skin problem that was just irksome, and the concept of dermatologist had not yet dawned on us. I had done a nostalgia post about Kailas Jeevan, sadly this is not a review per se, shall do one soon. 

      5. Grapeseed oil  - I know you are doing a back flip thinking, oily skin, and oil. But yes we lovelies need oil too. And grapeseed is the lightest oil ever, gets absorbed easily, and to me is the perfect night cream. In the morning , my skin is soft and glowy, with no signs of oiliness. What else can I ask for.  I also use this to make oil blends for my skin, such as mix it with some lavender essential oil for a relaxing and calming massage.  But with this oil, moderation is key,  I always apply it on damp skin, and never more than 2-3 drops. On dry skin I need to apply more, and then I am a grease ball in no time. (read  the review for more details). This oil is good for hair too, and I often use it for my at home hair spa

PS : I  hope to do a series on beauty rescue must haves for hair, dry skin and so on. In fact i was dying to blog the past 2 weeks, but my internet was dying on me every time i sat to put the post together. 


  1. very helpful using aloe gel twice daily for last one months as d moisturizer & cant complain. Your tomato- multani mitti facepack does wonder for my brings an instant one big thank you.......gotta try this grape seed oil......

    1. oh lovely to know it is working.. definitely swear by aloe gel and multani mitti, even in absence of everything else this works just fine.

  2. i wish you would write more.. urs if one of the few blogs that i actually "read" instead of skimming through.. keep up the good work..

  3. You dish out the best articles, loved reading this. Where does one get RK Aroma tea tree oil please

  4. @ife- thanks a ton girl, truly flattered.. sadly my mtnl connection does not let me blog... but i promise to yell at mtnl and tell them how important it is for me to blog
    @coral crue- thanks so much.. i pick up my rk aroma oils from new beauty centre (khar/ crawford market in mumbai). i am sure it is available in other shops as well. but i find that beauty centre has the widest variety ever


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