Bold pink lips and bronzed cheeks.

I remember before I became a beauty blogger, my one vice was buying beauty/fashion magazines. Especially if they were beauty specials. So I decided to flip through some old beauty magazines. Partly because all beauty looks I can manage to think of right now, are largely very trendy, done to death looks. I wanted something that was different. Something a bit different that was taking something that is very now, and mixing it up with something that was a bit older. The way we mix retro with modern twists.

So here is the look I chose.  It s a bit of beachy bronzy look, but with a punchy pink lip that is so now. (or so I hope). So I thought to do a bit of this look, with a bit of minimalism thrown in. Less drama on eyes and pinker lips. 

 So here is the tutorial.

Here are the products i used, 

Start with applying a base over your face. Here I am mixing my lacto calamine with my own home made highlighter. I of course am starting with a  freshly scrubbed skin and want to keep the base to a minimum.  (I promise to do a separate tutorial on prepping for makeup, and no I am not going to just apply a primer and say now to the next step. ) I also wanted to do a bronzier blush, not a fresh fresh look , but a slightly bronze look. So I put on some blush, to get some healthiness into the bronzed look. Plain brown/ bronze blusher can make you look ill.

Then I went over it with a bronzer (a non shimmery brown blusher does the job).wear shimmer if you are doing this look for night. If not, then just keep it non shimmery. Otherwise humidity and heat will have you look like a disco ball.  Since the tutorial is focused on a  bold lip, I am going to cover my lip with a foundation , partly to keep the lipstick on longer, and partly as a way to  keep the lippie prepped. also whenever  you wear a dark shade , always wear a foundation underneath, the colour shows up nice, and no stained lips. 

Since I had some extra time, I thought to start with a simpler look that was a lot easier to wear . So I put on a peach lipstick and applied some clear mascara to my lashes to open my eyes up without making it look super dramatic. So for those still working up the courage to wear a deep pink lip, a peachy mouth and bronze pink blush is a good starting point.  Went over my whole face with a nice compact powder to make the bronzer look subtle and keep the look lasting longer, to mattify and keep the look subtle. I quite love this look  with just peachy lips.

 I then followed this up with my deep pink / magenta lipstick. and used some toner, to keep the look fresh. As you can see the picture on top has a mattified look, and the one below has a glowy, dewier skin which keeps the pink real and helps prevent it from becoming too OTT.. 



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