Nail polish must haves (my little collection)

We all love a bright peppy nailpaint on our toes to brighten up the day, and make our rainy season greys / blues disappear.  I generally wear a dark shade on my toes, it makes me feel more confident about displaying my feet through open toed sandals, a must in the rainy season and prevents the dirty water from going into my nails. What better time to share my thoughts on nail paint with you.I have a small set of nailpaints, I thought I should share the collection with you with my thoughts on them.

And I plan to add to the family which I agree could do with a few more shades, but I hardly end up finishing a single bottle so I am wondering what to do with so many.

I believe that there are some classic colours each of us should own. none of the classics I own contain shimmer, that is simply because just good old solid colour keeps the look natural, neutral and understated. Shimmer I  feel is good for special occasions, but for everyday wear it can be a bit too much.

The classics 

A nice neutral pink (for indian skin tones this is a pinky brown),. This is rose dew by lotus herbals. The polish does have a tendency to thicken and clump up. btw this is also big 3 free so adding acetone or remover to make it runny again would not make sense now would it. So I add a bit of jordana’s topcoat. It dilutes the colour and thickness, but it makes the polish go on smoothly as though it were new.

A nude shade (a pale brown or pinky brown that looks  natural and almost matches your skin tone) This is perfect for lengthening your fingers. It even makes your short nails look longer than they are. What I love about this shade is that it just blends so well with the nail and can be worn with bright as well as dull coloured clothes . if you are someone who works in a formal set up, this is your classic shade for a big office meeting, interview and what have you. The only one that matched my skin tone was a wateryish beige shade from Street Wear. But two coats of this and i have perfect neutral nails. 

A lovely red . Its a classic  for your toes, red on hands is high maintenance and how. Also sometimes if not paired with right kind of clothes can look a little tarty. I did not dare venture into fire engine red territory and stuck to using a maroonish red. I don’t know how long I have been using this shade for, since it is almost a watery polish , I invariably use it with other shades or just apply layer after layer. Is it just this shade or are all Maybelline colorama polishes watery. (and what is with me and watery polishes)This is I think a shade called Very Berry. 

If you love nailpaints , I am going to assume that you also love your nails.  I know I could be wrong. But maintaining your nails is key if you want to wear nailpaints for life. So I have  invested in a base coat and a top coat. Both are from Jordana and have minimal chemicals.  This is especially important for a base coat. (they have variations in base coats, I got the one that seemed most basic , there was a blue one I think for combating weak nails.) Remember I mentioned in my budgeting post about needs, a good base coat and top coat are what you actually need. You can make do with one neutral or any other colour provided you have perfect looking nails, which is made possible by a good base coat and top coat.

Nail care basics

A nice base coat - evens out nail surface so you can be lazy and skip buffing . also forms a protective layer to prevent staining if you are going to wear a dark shade on your nails, don’t ever skip a base coat. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a big 3 free base coat, since it will be the closest to your nails.  I am no chemical hater , in a lot of cases chemicals actually keep your products germ free (even liz earle the godess of all things natural said so), but I also believe in skipping an odd chemical whenever it is possible. And jordana makes some lovely products that are very reasonably priced for the quantity. Of course I do realize that I am paying a premium for them, the same quantity by Miss Claire/VOV is much cheaper, but it is a very small premium. So I invest in a good base coat and buy cheaper polish (ah budgeting). This lets me save money, my nails and keep up with the recent trends as well. (speaking of which am I the only one who is craving the neutral ballerina like colours, soft pinks and nearly white beiges, or an edgier soft grey )
A top coat (adds polish to your polish  )makes your polish appear glossy, helps get rid of messy application , which will happen if you are impatient, don’t have a steady hand and are using a cheap polish. When it comes to nail paints you actually pay for the consistency and the formula.  and above all makes your manicure last long.  

Then  I give into temptation and  I buy some trendy shades. Those that I got because I saw them and liked them, and could not  stop myself from buying ,simple as that.

I had a neon pink which is missing from this picture because it has been given to a pal in exchange of a neutral pink , (I hope you guys exchange your nailpaints too, prevents you from splurging, one of the rare colour cosmetic products that you can exchange with your friends without any side effects.)
 The crazies

So first (to the far left) up , is yes a crackle nail paint. It lets people without  a steady  hand (read me) to carry out some nail art. I found this very difficult to carry off though. It went very well with the purple and green nail paints you see standing beside it, but it was something that I can not wear to office, not even on my toes. So I  don’t know how and when I can finish this off. But as a crackle paint it has never disappointed me, too bad the trend was not for me.

In the centre is well a crazy shimmery bright blue green shade. I think OPI  had something similar as a part of its  Spider Man collection (just spotted me a lizard one is a bit more goldenish though),

 I think there was a collection for Avengers and this kind of a shade was meant for Loki. And I agree that this shade has a bit of evil in it, but it is super awesome for wearing to a beach and if you wear just a single coat , you could manage to wear it on a regular basis as well.

The next shade you see is deep purple. Its like an aubergine shade if worn as a sheer single coat, but put on another layer it is a purplish black. If you are too scared to wear black , or feel it looks too goth, this is the colour for you.

I still have a lust list , lets see what it looks like now, 

a hologram polish
a glitter polish 
a expensive looking pink (precious pink- like onion skin colour)
bridal shades by essie (a taupe or a pale milky pink)


  1. Hi...nice picks.
    My mom always tells me to wear nude pink all the time :)

  2. i knw wat u mean, my mom hates any and every crazy shade i wear. but if i buy like 10 shades of pink she wont say a thing.. i think its the old world idea of being very understated.

  3. nice post. i very much liked the idea of beige nail enamel to make the fingers appear long. i'll try it.

    i wish there were pics, with u wearing these shades.

  4. ok demi, point taken, will definitely click pictures of me wearing these nailpaints.

  5. visited ur blog after a long time & as usual loved this article..very helpful indeed....looking forward to buy one crackle nail paint.......hehe

  6. at anindita, yes do buy, only i realised after buying like always, not many occassions when i could wear this. so it gets used only during my vacation time. sad it is


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