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Drink your way to lovely skin

Remember how everytime you get breakouts or dry patchy skin you think what did I do wrong now. Of course it was that weird cream blush that didn’t blend well, forgetting  to take off the makeup post party. It could be a million things. But what now.  You definitely need a plan of action. Like most of those this one involves some healthy eating, ooops drinking I mean.   So I wont preach to you and tell you to diet, give up on what you eat. Go on a juice cleanse, though I plan to give juice cleanse a try soon. But anyways , when you cant go on a full on cleanse, here is what you can drink to keep your skin calm. Even if you have dry skin you can drink these liquids. I  promise you they will make you glow from within. The effects of drinking this can be compared to any expensive facial treatment. So here are some things I drink up when I see my skin in trouble. I honestly swear by these drinks, and they are cheap , easy and locally available.  (and require no effort almost). I did ment…

Bedside beauty essentials

We all want to know what is in our friend's or a model's or a favourite style icon's makeup bag. And I love looking through other people's makeup stash as well. However I often love knowing about a person's night time beauty ritual a lot more. It is like knowing what they do , how that helps them wake up pretty and what not.

So here are some of my bedside essentials, with all my beauty rituals thrown in

Top 5 beauty pet peeves

Remember the time when people wore dark lip liners over nude shades or simply deathly pale lips, and no they were not doing the return of the dead look. I dread to think it ever happened. It makes the fluorescence of 80s look good. I am sure everyone has some beauty peeves and some of them they too are guilty of, I am listing mine here with my beauty crime listed here as well..The images that follow might traumatize you , so it is safely under the cut...