Bedside beauty essentials

We all want to know what is in our friend's or a model's or a favourite style icon's makeup bag. And I love looking through other people's makeup stash as well. However I often love knowing about a person's night time beauty ritual a lot more. It is like knowing what they do , how that helps them wake up pretty and what not.

So here are some of my bedside essentials, with all my beauty rituals thrown in

  1. Aloe vera gel - Where would I be if these didnt come packaged, easy to use and not needing refrigeration. On nights when my skin is feeling oily, I simply apply this on my face after I wash it and go to sleep. There are nights when I do the usual, mix a dot of aloe vera gel with a night cream and apply. This makes the generally expensive night cream last longer, and feel a lot less greasy. 
  2. Lip balm- I know I know, I heard all about being addicted to these, lips not being able to do without them and what not. I swear by my home made lip balm. When I have some extra time, i also go in for my home made lip scrub do my own at home lip spa. Though I must confess that is a rare occurrence so the lip scrub does not find a place in my list of bedside essentials.
  3. Almond oil - Wondering how an oily skin girl needs almond oil. Well if you work in an air conditioned environment I suggest you incorporate some oil in your beauty routine. I switch between almond oil and grape seed oil. Massage two drops on damp skin and follow with aloe gel or mix both in the palm of your hand for a nice rich home made night cream. 
  4. Aroma blend - I got hooked on aroma therapy a long while back when I started reading Dr Urjita Jain's books while still in college. Now information about aroma therapy and aroma oils is easy to get. I started with lavender oil, and still swear by it.  However my bedside blend consists of  10 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil and 2 teaspoon of vegetable oil.  I used sunflower oil since it is odorless. This is a concentrated blend I apply on my temples, bridge of my nose for peaceful sleep. Its very soothing and relaxing. Also reminds me of  balms. 
  5. Headscarf - If you have curly hair, and do  not already cover your head when you sleep, you might want to try this tip. I tie a loose plait and cover my head with a silk scarf. This not only reduces frizz but saves precious morning minutes trying to comb out tangles.  Even old stoles that have faded work well for this purpose. 
  6. Water- I cannot stress this enough , but no beauty regime is complete without water. Drink tonnes of it for great skin. Besides I tend to get thirsty in the middle of the night or wake up coughing . Having water close at hand is such a  comforting thing then. 
Let me know what are your beauty rituals before you hit the sack to wake up looking pretty. 


  1. Cool idea about the scarf! I got my hair permed about 10 months back and the perm is still going strong on the lower ends. I'll try this trick. :D

    My bedtime beauty essentials include the Tanaka massage with a mix of almond and castor oils to cleanse my face before washing it and applying lavender oil on minor blemishes (I find it a milder but just as useful replacement for tea tree oil). If I'm not too tired, I sometimes put plain yoghurt on the face for 15-20 minutes and apply a few drops of apricot oil as a moisturiser because my skin gets dry due to air conditioning. On nights that my face is looking dull and is threatening to puff up the next day, I apply a coat of cucumber gel instead of oil and it brightens up my face (especially the eyes) the next day. I also rub almond oil on my navel to avoid flaky lips. It sounds laughable and I used to scoff at my dad every time he would tell me to do it (he advised ghee though :P) but it does work like a charm and I'd love to figure out the medical nitty-gritty behind it.

  2. i have been wanting to get apricot oil since so long.. i hear it is super thick, but super nice on hair ends. btw my mom says during summer you should put coconut oil on your navel and sesame oil in winter.
    also wat is the tanaka massage...cucumber gel works wonders on lightening blemishes and even makes my pores look smaller..

    btw i cannot access your blog for some reason... i would soo love to read more about perming...

    1. Generally, the regular apricot oil that you get in the markets is quite thick (Khadi sells a variety) but the one that I have is very light in texture, instantly absorbed and is wonderful for the hair too. I suggest that if you want to use it for your hair but want it to be non-sticky or even use it on the face for those once-in-a-while massages, you get unrefined apricot oil from those little cottage industries where apricots are cultivated. I got mine brought over by a cousin who was posted in Ladakh. If you know anyone who's visiting Ladakh or Himachal, you could ask them to get that for you or you could look for websites which sell pure oil instead of the adulterated one. The Khadi oil is sticky and thick which means that it is mixed with something else.

      Thankee for the coconut oil and sesame oil tip. Never knew that it was meant to be specific oils. Will switch to coconut oil from tonight onwards.

      And Tanaka massage is this excellent Japanese lymph massage by a famous cosmetologist. Here's the YouTube link to Part 1 (you can find the rest of it in the sidebar on the site) -

      My blog has been dead for a couple of years now. It was never a beauty blog anyway. I use this account just as a matter of convenience.

    2. @drenched- ooo lucky u for getting the purest of pure apricot kernel oils... i somehow dont like khadi so much , i find they mix glycerine by truck loads in their body oils...any idea of a similar shop in bbay that sells pure cottage industry made oil.

  3. I use the aloe vera gel regularly too!

  4. im regularly using Alo gel as a surely going to add it with my night cream(what an idea)........just one thing where you get this cucumber gel? Im searching it ever since i visited ur blog

  5. @emm- hey good to know.. it is indeed a wonder product, and luckily it is still cheap
    @anindita- if u stay in mumbai or anywhere in maharashtra, you can look for Dr. Jain's cucumber gel.


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