Drink your way to lovely skin

Remember how everytime you get breakouts or dry patchy skin you think what did I do wrong now. Of course it was that weird cream blush that didn’t blend well, forgetting  to take off the makeup post party. It could be a million things. But what now.  You definitely need a plan of action. Like most of those this one involves some healthy eating, ooops drinking I mean.   So I wont preach to you and tell you to diet, give up on what you eat. Go on a juice cleanse, though I plan to give juice cleanse a try soon. But anyways , when you cant go on a full on cleanse, here is what you can drink to keep your skin calm. Even if you have dry skin you can drink these liquids. I  promise you they will make you glow from within. The effects of drinking this can be compared to any expensive facial treatment.
So here are some things I drink up when I see my skin in trouble. I honestly swear by these drinks, and they are cheap , easy and locally available.  (and require no effort almost). I did mention them before here

1.       Tender coconut water – yes it had to be this and nothing else that topped my list. I find eating the malai (tender coconut flesh) together with the coconut water actually speeds up the cleansing from within.  Drink this every alternate day in case of a bad breakout for a week. I guarantee you , your flare out will be a lot better. I find drinking coconut water leaves me with glowing skin.  If you are on a diet, this will help you lose weight faster. It has minerals and sugars which make you feel full for longer time. So no sudden sugar dips causing you to hog.
2.       Mosambi Juice – The guy who stands near your house, railway station, or office, is the best person to befriend when you have a bad skin day. Just have some fresh sweet lime juice(without ice- so that you do not catch in water borne diseases). I have given the guy near my office so much of business that if I don’t go for a week or two, he asks if I have been sick. I make it a point to drink this atleast once a week.  This literally cleans up your system.  If you ever feel like you are getting indigestion, reach out for this.  And on days when you have binged the night before, this has to be on your must drink list.
3.       Carrot – beetroot juice – I honestly don’t drink this too often.  But in winters, this is a perfect detox, and even helps up your haemoglobin. I know we are all yellow toned by birth, but often we don’t realize that we have less haemoglobin than normal (yes most Indian women are anemic, sadly most Indian women think it is only their domestic help who has that problem and not them). We don’t eat enough meat, nuts, green vegetables to keep our haemoglobin up. But if you ever find out that you are even slightly anemic, start drinking this juice thrice a week. You will actually notice the difference between yellow toned skin, and anemic skin.  I drink this if I have a big event to attend
4.       Buttermilk – Good old masala chaas, watery , cooling on a summer day and very nourishing. I absolutely hate milk, somehow just don’t like the taste, and I read somewhere it worsens breakouts, though I could have made it up too since I hate milk that much.  I find dahi (curd / yoghurt) or buttermilk good ways to get my dose of calcium. This is cooling on a hot summer day and is very calming for my pimples, heat boils.  I mix some rock salt, cumin powder and coriander leaves in my buttermilk to make a nice masala chaas. If you have some extra time, or a tendency to catch cold, add a bit of peeled and grated ginger. This will ensure you get the gingery goodness in this.
5.       Sugarcane juice-  Ganne ka ras- probably the cheapest item on this list. It works wonders on your skin.  So for those of you who don’t drink enough water, down a glass of this magical liquid thrice a week to keep your kidneys happy.  This by no means is an alternative to good old water.  I suggest if you don’t drink enough water, start now. But if you realize that for the past week you haven’t been drinking your eight glasses.  Feel dehydrated, and find your entire skin getting dehydrated too.  Put yourself on thrice weekly juice cleanse with this juice.  This will make you look more hydrated almost immediately. Not to forget this tastes super yumm. I like mine with some chaat masala and nimbu.
6.       My own concoction-  This is simple and super easy to concoct, but it works and how. I mix a quarter teaspoon of amla powder (or 1 tablespoon of amla juice) with some mulethi powder (also known as licorice or yeshtimadhu). Add this mix to boiling water and boil through for  no more than 2 minutes. Let it sit for a while, then drink it up. This cleans your skin and gives it a glow as well.  this is what I reach for after having binged on too much of refined foods, which make me feel uneasy. So after a day of pizzas and pastries, this is the concoction that keeps my skin from getting angry.
7.       Nimbu pani- when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and glow away. Rich in vitamin C, it give you glowing skin. Especially recommended if your problem skin is due to a hangover.  Add some green tea to your nimbu pani and you have an oxidant rich drink that also packs in vitamin C. 


  1. Good post!

    I used to have a lot of carrot beetroot tomato juice when I was in college. Awesome it is; keeps you full between meals and skin glows when you have this.

  2. Hey Supriya.. awesome post.. this my first visit to ur blog :)
    you have a nice blog.
    And I have an award for you.
    please accept it here,
    I am your new follower

  3. @varsha- yes i know the carrot beetroot literally give you a pink glow.. i am so going to be drinking it to glow naturally
    @apoorva- thank u so much for liking the post and following, i definitely will accept ur award.

  4. very useful tips and wonderful post. thank you :)

  5. Woah fabulous tips...m already glowing !I am a big sucker for juices and veggies and start my morning routine with a glass of veggie juices too!!

  6. @lipsy thanks thanks, i just had a glass of ganna juice... it is too yummy.. i am planning to slowly alternate my fave juices with the not so fave ones such as carrot and beet which can be pretty boring

  7. I agree that water is really helpful in keeping healthy skin. Thanks for sharing such helpful post. Looking forward for more.

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  8. Nice blog and so informative thank you for sharing us such a great blog.
    Luthra Dawakhana


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