Top 5 beauty pet peeves

Remember the time when people wore dark lip liners over nude shades or simply deathly pale lips, and no they were not doing the return of the dead look. I dread to think it ever happened. It makes the fluorescence of 80s look good. I am sure everyone has some beauty peeves and some of them they too are guilty of, I am listing mine here with my beauty crime listed here as well..The images that follow might traumatize you , so it is safely under the cut... 

1.       Long toenails- This probably tops my list for the yuck factor. I mean seriously why are you growing your toe nails exactly, so that they can accumulate dirt and fungus. Or might come in handy to poke the lady pushing you in the train. I mean seriously, there is no excuse for these nails. Yet I see women flaunting long, and often pointy and gnarly toenails (which make me want to send the lady to a doctor) with bright colours on them.  Earlier all we had in the name of manicures in  india for nails was just long nails with polish, or French manicure (which looks super yuck on long nails ,  its French for a reason right. The French women are known for their beauty in moderation, natural beauty approach.). Since we have a lot more available to give you flaunt worthy feet, its high time you cut those nails.  

2.       Deathly pale lips- Remember a time when a nude brown colour was all the rage, and it was what made you mod or not. I was always a bright lippie girl, I am sure you can tell. But even I fell prey to this trend. I hunted high and low for a lakme nude shade and bought it and guarded it with my life. The result, I looked ghostly pale and ill. I now know why a lot of concerned aunties asked me if I was feeling ill. Ofcourse now I can laugh at it , but then I always wondered why so many of my friends pull of the pale/ nude gloss look so well. it never struck me like ever (and despite that I am a beauty blogger) I had a bit  too much of yellow tones to carry off the browny nudes. And back then there were no peachy pinky brown nudes that we now so love.

(I mean if they make drew barrymore  -who is my girl crush look ill, then who are we. Btw I think Drew Barrymore was meant to rock a red lip forever. )

3.       Contrasting lipliner- remember a time when all the TV serials popularized  a deathly pale lip with a dark lipliner way outside the original lip line. Yes yes , that trend only. It is such a horrid trend that I cant even begin to criticize it , but I shall try. There were two main problems with this trend, the dark lipliner was way too dark and not even in the same colour family as the rest of the lip, and most Indian actresses had not already made friends with botox. So imagine thin to medium lips with a lip line extending where it is clear to see no lip ever existed. That is just a no no. often this look was worn with gloss in the centre. Yes these tricks make the lips look fuller, but they have to be subtly done. The idea is to create an illusion , not to draw a new face.
 (the only reason I never went for the dark liner and pale lip was because it made me realize how clumsy I was in drawing lines.)  

4.       Cakey face-  How many of us have been pushed into buying a lighter shade of foundation because it would make us glow and look fresh. We somehow bought into it and got bullied by her authoritative tone.  Why are cosmetic SAs so mean and pushy or is it just me. So once you buy this foundation because you have been pushed or like all Indian girls you think fair is the only way of being lovely (pun very much intended). So in comes  layers and layers of foundation, and to prevent landslide on your face a liberal dusting of powder. Et voila, we have our very own cakey face moment. I cant stress  this enough that pancakes are good for films or TV since the light and camera are very forgiving and often touch ups are easier to do in post production as well. But the human eye sees things in 3D, that means your foundation is going to be a layer over your face and all the people around you are definitely going to detect it . They may be polite enough not to say it. But your face will look cakey nonetheless. The hot and sultry mahie gill who wears her duskiness with oomph is seen here ready for a mime act. I mean your accident may not be half as bad, but even then there is simply no excuse for this. 

5.       Bleached hair- When our very own bollywood stylista did it she single handedly started a trend that would be followed by moms and daughters alike. 40 year old aunties with blonde hair were everywhere. Before Kareena went blonde, you had a few odd teenagers highlighting their hair like crazy.  But kareena who I don’t know why kept her  out of place blonde locks while playing a NWFP girl is beyond me. I know they have light brown hair, but its not quite that blonde. In Yaadein and Fida she was so blonde that I wondered why she did this to herself. And I am not even mentioning Milenge Milenge.  But a lot of people went I can look like her if I go blonde. Agh no. Never pick up a trend because a filmstar looks good in it. She has a million stylists, numerous spa sessions and then she looks like this. You will end up with fried hair. But fried hair it was on the roads of most of the cities.  Luckily I never tried this trend, imagine curly frizzy fried hair. Oh no no..

Here are some that had two or three of my peeves combined so had to share with you guys. Cakey foundation, purply nude lips with liner atleast half an inch above her real lips. Why does Madhuri rely on the pancake to make everything OK . 

And isnt she fair enough , with nice skin to go easy on foundation. But she has gone so many shades lighter that she is almost ghostly in this picture, if not for her bad makeup. 

And there are many who love their toenails long, one look at this link will tell you what i mean. But since you would not jump in the well even if 10-15 people you knew were, there is no reason to start growing your toenails for a  similar reason. 

These were my major beauty peeves. Most of them deserve a post all to themselves, but I am too grossed out collecting these pics online to look for more pictures. Some day I will definitely do another beauty pet peeves post.  Let me know your pet peeves guys.


  1. lol!! loved this article! u write so well Supriya! amazing sense of humor & i so agree with each and every point-especially the aunties with blonde hair! Yuck-th!!

  2. @kitchen beauty benefits- thanks so much, but each of these is so common, every train / bus trip has me thinking god can i save this woman. or will she think me mad...

  3. Supriya, very good article. Extremely thoughtful of you to put such great points

  4. Loved reading every bit of this post. Love your writing style. My pet peeve would be chipped dark maroon nail polish or dirty nails. Gross, but sadly I have seen a few beauty bloggers rocking this on their blogs. Lazy much?
    Thanks for the fun read.

  5. very nice write up supriya.. ppl have got wierd habits.. :)

  6. He He I really enjoyed reading all the points..:) I too hate females with long toenails:)

  7. superb post...
    those nails are scaryyyyy.... yikes..
    I am so irritated when i read in blogs "this does not give full coverage". Why do u need full coverage unless you are working in the glamour industry or hospitality or something where you need that coverage? Whats the craze with the full coverage thingy? cant understand it...for everyday use medium or light coverage works well..
    who is the pale ghost?

  8. such an amazing compilation... really... i hate when my school teachers used to line their eyes with colored eye liner..esp green or blue n for lip they use dark maroon or chocolate... OMG horrible... kaha se sikha ta un log ne

  9. @coral crue- thanks thanks
    @Pandora's box- hahahaha i know. chipped nails are ugh. I must say there are those times when i let my nailpaint chip, but i swear i would never put up a picture of it ... and would remedy it whenever i get my hands on the nailpaint bottle.
    @supriya kabra- wierd and how, not only are habits weird, but there is this attitude like i know fashion and you dont so dont tell me.
    @nidhi- long toenails are soo sooo disgusting. and they are the reason i stopped doing a pedicure. i mean if the same things that get used on the witch with long toenails will get used on me, well then thanks but no thanks i will pass that.
    @ife- i know what you mean. we all love a foundation that makes ppl say lovely skin and not lovely makeup. the problem is full coverage is meant for photographs , weddings or any such huge events. for day to day we can go easy on the base. the pale ghost in black dress is mahi gill from Dev D and Gulal, the one in blue saree is ameesha patel
    @keirti- i know , especially since they matched the makeup to their dress , and wore everything so matchy matchy. also u knw people really need to think makeup through, you cannot buy because in india we now have eyeliners that come in colours. i had a teacher who used to draw elaborate colourful bindis. the bindis were drawn well but the effect was scary.

  10. Hahahaha. This is a post after my own heart. I hate so many of these things listed, especially the long toenails. Eugh! And what is it with idiotic women with long fingernails getting French manicure done? It reminds me of struggling pornstars. French manicure needs to look nice and sophisticated on delicate and small nails, instead of standing out like it was being sported by some kind of hag who likes to scratch out people's faces.

    Another thing that I hate is weird eyeliners in shades of blue, bright pink, purple and what not, especially on people whose skins they don't suit. Some girl in my college was once wearing a pink eyeliner (a thick line, mind you) and before I realised that it was make up, I put my foot in my mouth by asking, "What's wrong with your eyelids? Is it an infection?" I am sure that if she was taller or stronger, she'd have turned me into pulp. :P

    Oooh, and another silly trend is that of coloured contact lenses. It looks downright stupid on most people. I mean, someone sporting fake blue/green eyes on regular Indian skin tone is like asking to be ridiculed.

    1. oh i have also made this faux pas of asking a girl with red eye shadow if she was ill.

      and i know when i see girls wearing grey contact lenses only to go to the local kirana store, i know that this girl needs serious help..

  11. Good compilation......
    I HATE blond hair and coloured contacts on Indian skin. I had a senior who had blond highlights in her hair. On her darkish complexion it looked scary. Whole college started calling her "flag sign" (malnourished children end up having bands of discoloured hair, this is called flag sign) Poor thing to hide that she recoloured her hair to pitch black, which made her stick out like a sore thumb!

    1. o i knw the blond hair problem... i like how medical students always have these in jokes about health conditions... i think blond highlights are never a good idea even if someone is fair toned because it will either make you look like some strange character out of those old hindi songs which had to show scantily clad indian girls with blonde wigs to convince us that they were indeed at a restaurant abroad

  12. Even today I see these kind of outdated women :P


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