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Nail paint collection - Swatches.

A while back I did a post on my nail paint collection, which is not as large as I would want it to be, but I intend to remedy that soon. I already disclosed my wishlist and put up pics of the bottles here.

However I thought I should do a swatch of each of them (partly since someone suggested I do in their comments in the previous post and partly because I think it always helps to see the colour on skin, than bottle), and I actually grew my nails just so I could swatch them.  But my application is still pretty crappy. (sorry about that.)

Anyways without further ado , here they are

This is my favourite nude shade , made by Street Wear called 'Nothing' (wink wink), it is gorgeous, understated enough to wear to work and stylish enough to make me feel put together. Also it is so reasonable and a perfect match to our Indian dusky skin tone.

Beauty resolutions

Today I went for an aroma body massage. It was such a lovely and calming feeling and I am feeling so relaxed that I am considering making a beauty resolution. (Despite being a beauty blogger, I am too stingy to spend on a spa and not happy  with the local parlour wala spas offered as they just dont offer the kind of privacy i need to really relax. So  I came up with some basic beauty resolutions, that seemed duh, and not all of them require money. (yay) Semi annually 1.I will make semi-annual trips to spas for a full body massage. I think that such relaxation twice a year is not a bad idea. Once in a month 2.       I do my own hair spas at home with the loreal hair spa tub and those tiny vials.  I still think they charge a bomb for the hair spa- but I will continue doing a hair spa at home every month. And if I save money I will buy for myself a kerastase conditioner or a leave in treatment. (yay). My own little pot of gold 3.       I  will put a pack on my feet once in a month. I have …

Animal Testing - Digging deeper

I noticed a lot of bloggers increasingly shunning brands that test on animals, and while I mean no offense to them, I just want to delve deeper into the big hoopla about animal testing. In  April 2012 , the Indian government banned  animals being used in schools and colleges to teach students  anatomy, and not to forget the art of dissection. (that is so many surgeons not being able to know their calling when they first see it- but jokes apart )
You have probably seen this image, splashed everywhere by PETA and all organisations that want to ban animal tests.   Read on to know the full story