Beauty resolutions

Today I went for an aroma body massage. It was such a lovely and calming feeling and I am feeling so relaxed that I am considering making a beauty resolution. (Despite being a beauty blogger, I am too stingy to spend on a spa and not happy  with the local parlour wala spas offered as they just dont offer the kind of privacy i need to really relax. So  I came up with some basic beauty resolutions, that seemed duh, and not all of them require money. (yay)
Semi annually
1.       I will make semi-annual trips to spas for a full body massage. I think that such relaxation twice a year is not a bad idea.
Once in a month
2.       I do my own hair spas at home with the loreal hair spa tub and those tiny vials.  I still think they charge a bomb for the hair spa- but I will continue doing a hair spa at home every month. And if I save money I will buy for myself a kerastase conditioner or a leave in treatment. (yay). My own little pot of gold
3.       I  will put a pack on my feet once in a month. I have so many home made scrubs lying unused. They were meant to be giving me pretty feet. But applying a scrub on one’s foot and sitting still is such a tough task that I give up before starting.
Once in a week
4.       Apply a face pack on a weekly basis.  If possible do a nice cleansing session and then apply a face pack to get the most out of it.
5.       Do a nice face massage at home- I have jars of cream, bottles of oil lying around waiting for me to use them in my massage. And  a nice massage with a good cream, probably with some magic ingredients thrown in might help with regaining the glow.
6.       Do a nice hand massage, dip my nails in some homemade cuticle balm or olive  oil. I am going to share a very basic recipe for cuticle balm soon.
7.       Do a nice head massage with a good oil.


8.       Carry a face cream to office and apply  it once a day to keep my skin super hydrated.  If possible carry some toner as well.
9.       Apply hand cream on my hands once a day (I sort of do this regularly, but not yet a daily thing)
10.   Apply under eye cream twice a day. Once in the morning and once at bedtime.
A lot of the items are very basic, do not take any extra money and hardly much time, but I guess  it is just pure laziness. Now that I have my resolutions lets see how regular I become. Will let you know if things work out .What are your beauty resolutions by the way. Please do share.  


  1. Wonderful resolutions.I will try to follow them as well :P

  2. Semi-annual trips to the Spa :) I get a time for it in a year! and hey do we need too apply scrub n sit? I mean I just scrub my feet when I have a bath and then towel dry n moisturise(if I get time) times I moisturise after 1-1.5 hours (which should not ideally be the case) I apply a foot pack once a month or once in 45 days.. I do my CTM daily come whatmay!
    with a 2 year old kid.. I guess I do enough :)

  3. @anindita- do try, even i am trying
    @nidhi- can imagine with a 2 yr old you manage even once a year is a lot.. i dont have any children or any other huge responsibilities, even then my recent trip to spa happened after about 5 years odd. basically i find feet are dryer and harder skin, so it might be a good idea to apply a scrub/ pack to your feet while you are sitting and doing some housework. footpack once a month is actually very good.. and nidhi if u do CTM daily , i must bow down to you. i always skip toners despite buying a nice smelling one which is super light..

  4. Awesome, I'm inspired to make some resolutions too!

    1. @varsha - do make, i notice they come with some pleasant side effects, i lost a fair bit of weight once i replace a sunday evening coffee session with a juice session which i mentioned in the previous post. its not a resolution cos i am already doing it.. but a while back it was something i was trying hard to do.


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