Nail paint collection - Swatches.

A while back I did a post on my nail paint collection, which is not as large as I would want it to be, but I intend to remedy that soon. I already disclosed my wishlist and put up pics of the bottles here.

However I thought I should do a swatch of each of them (partly since someone suggested I do in their comments in the previous post and partly because I think it always helps to see the colour on skin, than bottle), and I actually grew my nails just so I could swatch them.  But my application is still pretty crappy. (sorry about that.)

Anyways without further ado , here they are

This is my favourite nude shade , made by Street Wear called 'Nothing' (wink wink), it is gorgeous, understated enough to wear to work and stylish enough to make me feel put together. Also it is so reasonable and a perfect match to our Indian dusky skin tone.

This is a pinker version of the Streetwear shade , it is Rose Dew by Lotus Herbals. Being an all herbal shade, the only problem is if I put on a second coat on top of this , it clumps up. That could be because this is a pretty old bottle. However it is a gorgeous colour. I love this for my hands.

This is a middle road for me, not red, not a plum but a milder version of berry-red. This is Maybelline's Very Berry. And my only complaint is it is a watery colour , thin consistency, so if I want an even application I need a minimum of two coats. But it is a nice shade for an evening out, or a wedding where you are related to the bride or groom and dont want to sport a fluorescent or bright red polish.

Now for the crazies, colours  that prevent me from being too boring.
This is an aubergine colour, its from Miss Claire (made by the same company that makes VOV.). This is my go to colour for Christmas and New Year parties, it is easier to maintain than red and just makes the look so much more edgier. I

This is a blue green colour, definitely meant for a fun / funky beach wear shade. I just love wearing blue/green on my toenails while heading to a beach. I dont know why, but these colours look magical when your feet are under water. (And I said this before ). This one too is by Miss Claire.

The crackle one I did not swatch simply because I feel that trend is not for me. It is too young, and I feel too old with it on. I am sure you know what I am saying. Its like wearing a trend you always did in college and thinking oh god i look like a clown. Thats the feeling I get with crackle shades.

Sadly Miss Claire does not name their shades , but they sure do make nice polishes.

All the swatches except for the Lotus Herbals are double coats. Lotus Herbals like I said above just clumps up on you big time. Also please remember to always wear a base coat. It makes application easier and better even if you are a bit on the clumsy side.


  1. @coral crue- its my fave too, and the best part is it is dirt cheap...

  2. Cool I love the pinks

    Can you do a post on how to properly apply nail polish? I'm awfully bad at it!

    1. @varsha- if after seeing my messy application you still think i should do a post on applying nail paints, then you are hands down the kindest person ever.. but i understand where you are coming from and will do a post soon about certain basic dos and donts.


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