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Thanks to all the beauty blogs around I discovered a wondrous brand called Kryolan. I was so happy with the way the cosmetics were sold, complete honesty  and no gimmicks (it’s a german  brand after all). The MUA in store really knew about makeup and did not force products on us. I loved the fact that he actually just let us be and was more than happy to sell items that multi tasked than selling one product. So here is all that I got from Kryolan,  detailed reviews coming up super soon. 

So I will just introduce the products and why I got it , shall do a review after a couple of uses. 

First up is a pink lip pencil, I already am halfway through my never ending Nyx lip pencil in Soft brown (total MLBB). I generally stay away from pinks, but the colour of this lippencil was a beautiful muted mauvey pink.
Here is a swatch

Second is  a nice powder foundation. I have insanely oily skin, and it take a lot of work to get a foundation to stay on my face. I was tired of dusting with translucent powder. so I got this. It is super awesome and sets like a dream. I use a brush for this. Sponge will give me a heavier coverage and eat up the product. It was such a perfect match that I could not show you a swatch. But I will definitely do a look of the day with this. 

Third is a powder blush. Its a beautiful bright reddish pink that turns to a nice natural glow kind of shade on my wheatish skin. I dont know how it does this, but it does so for sure. Since this is in powder I can layer it on my cream foundations without losing on the intensity , to get the colours to last and to do a bit of mix and match. (the colour looks a magenta pink in the pan and bright , but wait till i do a full review of this. )

Fourth is a nice lipstick. In day time I wear this as  a stain. Its a mauvey magentaey pink but more amped up than the lip pencil. It glides along smoothly and stays put. It definitely brightens my face. I am using this over my deep maroon/ plummy lipsticks to do a wearable wine lip. (in white light the colour is looking more purplish, in day time it goes more pink). Btw this is a single swipe of the colour and my lips are pigmented. (Will do different ways of wearing this lippie soon.)


  1. and if u ask me, i think it is very reasonable priced and is going to last for a loonnnng time

  2. Wow, where is the store..I am presuming you are from Mumbai....

  3. hi varsha, yes indeed i am very much from mumbai, there is a store in bandra, on waterfield road, opposite china gate restaurant.
    there is a store in andheri west as well but it is too far for me, and andheri west is a traffic nightmare.

    and yes the price is indeed the best part, you can buy 2-3 lipsticks and not feel the pinch.. i know even maybelline has pricier lippies

  4. How much is the powder foundation? I have extremely oily skin too and I have been looking for a good powder foundation too!

    1. hi you should definitely try it then. It cost me 1200 rupees. I also did a review of it here.


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