Things I covet aka The Lust List

 So far I have been doing posts for products I have , I will now do a list of products I am coveting right now.

First up on my list is Kryolan
·         Derma color- I went to the Kryolan store and picked up a pink lip pencil which I totally love. It is sooo creamy. Now I want some of that creamy non- oily goodness for my  foundation. The MUA who was patient and not desperate to sell products. (such MUAs are so rare). Asked about my current foundation and told me that I should just mix some non- oily lotion  for a nice foundation. The coverage is seriously something. A bit of moisturizer will make it lighter to apply, and I noticed when mixed with their prebase, it gave me lovely dewy skin. And did I mention how reasonably priced it is. I will be getting this once my Revlon photoready is over.

·         Kryolan lipsticks- I am a lippie lover and without some from each brand. To me a lipstick is a litmus test of each brand. How seriously they take a basic item such as lipsticks will determine the rest for me. Kryolan is reasonably priced and has some lovely shades and nice finishes. The biggest plus, they have a lot of non- shimmer , pure opaque colour options that are satin finish (neither glossy nor creamy). I wish more brands made this formula 
Second is MAC
·         MAC Paintpots- I have been eyeing these beauties for  a long time. They are soooo gorgeous that I would love to have a ton of them. But given their price, I will pick just one. I am interested in buying a neutral colour that is good on its own for a no makeup look as well as works as a good eyeshadow base. (Nubile, Reuben is looking promising). But any suggestions for a dusky skin tone are welcome.

·         Lady Danger/Ruby Woo- I am a red girl out and out. I am trying to wear pinks, but somehow I find reds easier to carry than a pink. Though I am working on wearing pinks now, I want to invest in a beautiful red lipstick. I have heard praises for both these shades and want to own atleast one.  It will be that one lipstick I can wear whne I don’t know what else to wear.

Third is a little known brand called Diana of London
·         Compact powder- I saw their compact box and fell in love with the packaging. The shade (I think it was Almond) was perfect too. Only problem was the product’s expiry date was 6mths away. And even if I use a compact everyday, I know it will last me for a year. I don’t want to buy a product to dunk it in 6 months unless it’s a mascara.

Fourth is my favouritest thing ever, perfumes perfumes and more perfumes
·         Poeme- this is one seriously sweet smelling perfume. And while I generally gravitate towards men;s scents which smell nice and clean and fresh enough for a day at work as well as one out playing. I do love some sweet smelling girly scents. Poeme is one of them. Made by lancome, it is very similar to tresor if you ask me. It just is a fair bit stronger. I remember this ad, I love how minimalistic it is and absolutely love Juliet Binoche's makeup in it. (the french tag line means 'say it all without a word ' pretty bold i must say)


  1. Nubile PP was LE.. so you may not get that right away. :)

  2. that is just my luck.. always murphy's law... what to do.. ne idea about a nice nude paint pot... (i have yellow undertones and wheatish- dusky complexion)


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