Kryolan Lipstick review (LC 213) - It still works

I wrote this review a while back, and wanted to say, this lipstick is the bestest thing ever for the price at which they sell it. It is even better in terms of texture than Maybelline 14 hr, stays almost the same on me and does *not* gunk up. Wow who could ask for more.

So since I mentioned my Kryolan haul, I had to review the thing I have been using the most. No points for guessing, it is indeed the lipstick. Its a blue toned pink which is slightly neutralised so that it doesnt look too bright. I find that this magenta makes my face shine anytime of the day. Anyone who said yellow tone , yellow lippies was limiting options. I would say try try till you succeed.

So this is what the lipstick bullet looks like. The shade is LC 213. (which means it is a classic sheeny finish)

As you can see it is a very basic case, and if you peer closely enough you see the price as well, which is INR 250, so I am not really complaining about the packaging yet. Maybe if I get a few more I will.

Anyways without further ado, I will come to the main review


  • The texture is amazing , it literally glides over my lips. 
  • The colour is opaque, my pigmented lips simply love how well it covers their pigmentation without looking heavy. 
  • The finish is satin, its not too creamy/glossy nor too matte. Even after the lippie sets, it still sets with a sheen. 
  • It is sooooo reasonably priced. 
  • Perfect lipstick for winters, as it keeps my lips moisturised and stays put for close to 4-5 hours. Then I eat something and off it comes. 
  • I have been wearing it as a stain and layered with other lippies, and a big plus is it doesnt gunk up. I notice some lippies (esp super matte ones) gunk up when you apply another layer on it, or simply go uneven, not Kryolan. 
  • The colour and texture are perfect to wear as blush. 

  • The colour looks different in different light, with flourescent  (tubelight) it can look a little dullish or too blue toned, perfect for daylight or yellow light. 
  • No other cons really other than if I have one more Kryolan lipstick I wont be able to find the right shade ever.
  • I found the shade options a little limited especially for dusky girl looking to buy pink, I wanted a warm pink for daily wear (they either do corals or magentas, no warm pinks). Though I did spot a gorgeous fuchsia at the store.
An illustration of what I mean by misleading, the bullet, looks nearly vivid pink. 

On my lips it looks subdued.

For purposes of swatching I have not applied any lippencil on my lips and there is no lipbalm either. All the pictures are taken under flourescent light so the shades remain uniform throughout. Will put up a picture of how it looks in the daytime soon.


  1. Beautiful colour! At Rs. 250 its awesome!

    1. hey i replied to this comment somehow my reply seems not to show.. btw the store now has discount and u can buy lippies for 225... even cheaper..


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