Kryolan Wet and Dry Finish Compact

Sorry people for the long disappearances crazy work schedules and life in general keeps me away. Though I long to say so much .
I am a makeup loving lazy girl, who puts on most of the makeup in the car (so half my fancy makeup stays unused since I don’t want to spoil it by lugging it around.) But as you can tell, putting on the base is a tough job if you are travelling. And I use very little by way of base.  Just one product and I am done.

So far I was using Revlon photoready mousse foundation, and I often skipped doing a compact over it. Partly due to time issues and secondly if you must layer products, you must always always go back to the base once its set and blend it to make it look natural.  Sounds like a drab doesn’t it.

I was therefore on the lookout for the much advertised compacts that can be used both wet and dry. But I wanted  a perfect skin tone match too. (and no one shade lighter just doesn’t work.)
So I did the only thing I could, got myself to a Kryolan store (since I am not yet ready to shell out the bucks at MAC) and looked through all the foundation textures they had.

I settled on their  wet and dry compact  , but that was what I was eyeing in the first place. However being a beauty blogger means you look through a 1000 things you don’t need so you know what is available and who it might suit. By the way for mature skin, their Ultra Foundation is awesome and if you need heavier coverage try Derma color.

I tried the wet and dry and I just needed to get it. It works like an awesome all covering compact even when used dry and lasts a long time. Not to forget it matches my skintone to a T. I mean does it really take a German brand to make makeup for me, why is every Indian brand forgetting us dusky skinned ones.

By the here is how close it is to my skin tone

Heres the review
I use this product (shade 081) on special occasions, though I think even if I use it everyday it will last me more than a year.  It gives me nice coverage, and keeps my skin looking fresh. 
So here are the pros
The powder blends like a dream
Medium coverage (can be layered on by using it with a wet brush )
It keeps my face oil free for 5-6 hours (in Bombay weather, that’s no mean feat)
Matches the yellow tones in my skin to a T. there are very few companies who make shades that match.
One product that does it all
Never went cakey or looked powdery on me yet.
 Intelligent packaging as there are ventilator holes where the sponge is to be stores. 

Comes in a huge dabba that’s a pain to carry around.
It cost me 1200 bucks, and though this dabba will last me a year or two, I wish they made smaller and cheaper sized versions.
Don’t ever use it with a sponge which comes with the dabba (see my sponge is white by never being used). 

Too much product gets wasted and I personally find it doesn’t apply as well. Use a damp brush for wet usage or a dry brush for regular finish.

Advice- if you are oily skinned and about to shell out 600-700 to buy 10 gms of compact, just go pick this instead. I promise it is worth your while.
PS- In winters I apply this when my moisturizer has just sinked in , and I daresay it’s a lovely feeling.
PPS – By the way the shade is such a perfect match that I cant take a swatch photo. So I will do a makeup look with before and after photos using this. 

A pic of me with the compact and some lippie. 
Before- with just a lip stain and eyeliner


The after with the the dual compact., and lippie.
Notice that my pimple on the forehead is still there but the remaining skin looks clearer and glowing. So ppl  do try if you are out of your compact.

Btw I forgot to mention that this product has a loooong shelf life of 4 years. My product was manufactured in 03/12 and will be good to use till 03/16. I am sure I will finish this in 2 years max. But nice to know it will not go bad sooner.


  1. @coral crue- thanks thanks.. this is one buy that has made me super happy so had to do a review for sure..


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