Winter skin care tips and beauty routine

I suffer from oily skin, so Winter is relatively an easy time for me. But even my oily skin can look dull with too much of face wash.  I believe natural oils are the best thing to happen to our skins, and should be preserved. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t wash my face, it only means that I am not going to OD on talc or face wash to keep my skin shine free.  Last time I did a post on how my beauty routine has changed from Summer to Winter. Today I will talk about the winter regime I follow.

Here are my Winter beauty heroes..

  1. Use face wash only once a day- Believe it or not, even cutting the use of face wash by one time is enough to notice the difference.  My face wash use is limited to the mornings when I am in a bit more hurry , in the evenings I use only a cleansing milk. I have switched to a very reasonably priced face cleansing lotion (I can nearly say it is cheap) and use generous amounts on my face before wiping it off with a washcloth. For those who live in colder climes, this is a god sent procedure as you don’t have to splash cold water on your face. I dip the washcloth in warm water to help remove all the dirt and grime.
  2. A face pack twice a week- Generally most of my facepacks were targeted to preventing oily skin and blackheads, but in winter you need to scrub your skin so that all the rich lotions penetrate your skin well and the dead skin comes off easy. I use a haldi besan pack that I mix with curd. For those who have dry skin, I would say use milk instead. I personally feel cream can get too greasy. But then again I have oily skin, if your skin is feeling stretched and good old malai makes it feel better go ahead use it. 
  3. Almond oil – I know it sounds like a super luxurious treatment. But on a damp face you only need two-3 drops of almond oil, mix it with your daily face cream. I do this once I get home from work since I don’t want to look too oily in office. 
  4. Steaming your skin- While you are not sweating or feeling grimy, you still need a deep cleansing routine going, if only to keep your skin fresh and glowing. I do a  quick facial steam session for not more than 5 minutes a week and follow up with a face pack for an instant glow and super effective cleansing.
  5. Eat/Drink fruits- Winter is the time when we crave all things rich, the chocolates, ghee laden sweets , thick curries and what nots. But this is also the time your body’s metabolism slows down a bit  (remember hibernating animals), so remember to eat atleast 2 servings of fruits in a week. If you can manage to eat a fruit everyday all the better for you.  Oranges, pomegranates and guavas speed your metabolism,  and are low cal diet friendly options for those of you losing weight in time for the new year bash. (sadly had no photos of fruits)

So here is my actual beauty regime

  • Morning – Wash face with face wash (since there is no time)
  • Apply aloe vera gel (to prevent skin getting dry, and since my skin gets greasy if I apply face cream )
  • Prepare breakfast and eat it.
  • Apply sunscreen, blush and compact and head to office.
  • Come back  from office and slather on some cleansing milk, massage it in your skin.  Eat fruit or some healthy snack. (I apply a pack on days i get home early)
  • Using a wash cloth dipped in warm to hot water. Wipe your face with this.
  • If you want you can splash some warm water on your face now.
  • Follow up with a few drops of almond oil.
  • I often rinse my face with water just before going to bed, and apply either an aloe gel/cucumber gel or a night cream depending on my mood. 


  1. Oh Lovely, even I have oily skin. And got a Fab India cleasing lotion few months ago coz it smelled nice. Now I will use it as well.

    I read recently about Kumkumaditailam and have started using it in the evenings. I am hoping it helps reduce my blemishes and marks

    1. oh yes cleansing milk really makes a big difference.. btw i wish to get my hands on a Kumkumaditailam bottle , which one you got, the one from arya vaidya sala or from kama .. once u are done with your fabindia cleansing milk and switching to cleansing milks for good, try this brand that lot of parlour ladies stock called 'Beauty Concepts', it is super effective and super cheap. only drawback they are only available in a massive sized bottle.

    2. Came across this post very recently. I liked the idea of cutting down on the face wash and using a cleansing milk at night. Would love to use the brand you are recommending (mine is normal - combination skin), just wanted to ask if you get your supply from your local parlour.

    3. Hi Mansi, sorry for the late reply, but i buy this from a place called new beauty centre in khar mumbai. They also have their website, though i am not sure they sell online. I guess any beauty supply store should have this. Parlours will not sell this to you easily unless you them very well. Often I see them using this in the most basic of facials.

  2. Great article. I've normal to dry skin so i use cleansing milk twice daily.My usual brand is Aroma magic, but this season im using good old Lakme :). Yes aloevera gel is on. But in the morning i use a blend of Johnson's baby cream+ aloevera gel. Then comes Lotus SPF 40 :D. My night cream is the blend of Johnson's baby cream+ aloevera gel+ apricot oil.

    1. i love the combination of a gel and oil, it makes so much of a difference and its so cheap to make that it is very nearly free yet comparable to expensive night creams.

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