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Face Mask Junkie - DIY strawberry mask

Though it rarely looks like it, I am actually a lover of all things facemasky. I always love trying out new beauty recipes and am a big fan of DIYs. But the past few days I was craving the texture of professional face masks. If you make your own face masks you know that most of them tend to be runny and drippy. Hardly any give you the store bought mask texture.

Everytime I walked into a beauty store I read the ingredients in all the ready made  face masks. I realised that all these masks had a few things in common.

None of them added water -Water can make a mask runny, and also provide a breeding ground for fungi.
They all contain some oil -Most DIY masks are water based, however the reason they never feel as smooth is because they do not contain any oils or butters to lend them some smooth texture.

I did a fair bit of googling and searching to come up with a nearly professional face mask and here is what I found.

No Poo experiment - Simple desi version

Every curly haired girl has at one point of time or the other asked to go in for the no-poo method.  For the un-initiated , no poo method means not using a shampoo at all on your hair. A lot of people switch to washing hair with only water, only conditioner and various similar concoctions.  Sounds gross doesnt it. I thought no different, I have a few reasons for why it was not for me.

I live in a humid sweaty and insanely polluted city called Mumbai, and going without shampoo for days let alone weeks always sounds like a bad idea. I love my hair after a nice shampoo. It may smell a bit too strongly artificial, or feel only temporarily soft, I still love the effect too much to let go.I am scared of stinking my hair up if I give up on shampoo.  So why try now. Because my hair was falling like crazy and I was getting insanely paranoid. I started reading all the prevent hair fall ads from Dr Batra's and other similar clinics a lot more closely. As a last resort I decided to try this.