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Though it rarely looks like it, I am actually a lover of all things facemasky. I always love trying out new beauty recipes and am a big fan of DIYs. But the past few days I was craving the texture of professional face masks. If you make your own face masks you know that most of them tend to be runny and drippy. Hardly any give you the store bought mask texture.

Everytime I walked into a beauty store I read the ingredients in all the ready made  face masks. I realised that all these masks had a few things in common.

None of them added water -Water can make a mask runny, and also provide a breeding ground for fungi.
They all contain some oil -Most DIY masks are water based, however the reason they never feel as smooth is because they do not contain any oils or butters to lend them some smooth texture.

I did a fair bit of googling and searching to come up with a nearly professional face mask and here is what I found.

 Made an all natural way , and super good for skin. I basically took leilapink's recipe from the video below and made a few changes to it since I did not have all the ingredients on hand.

Leila used the following 

3 fresh strawberries * 
1 tsp honey 
1/2 cup calamine powder 
1 tsp lavender oil 
1 tsp almond oil 

I somehow had trouble having all these ingredients so here is what I used.

4 overripe strawberries 
1/2 tsp honey 
*1/2 cup fuller's earth (multani mitti) -any clay such as kaolin clay or green clay can be used instead of calamine powder 
1 tsp almond oil

*1 tsp calamine lotion

Here is what I did , I had strawberries that were a little too ripe, so I thought of adding these to a facemask. I added honey, fuller's earth, almond oil and calamine and buzzed them in the mixer. If the mask is too dry add a little more honey, or if it seems too drippy and runny then add some more fuller's earth. I found the above combination perfect. 

I applied this mask and waited for it to dry completely before washing it off with warm water and voila I had glowing skin without the messy runny packs. This one didnt feel like it would slide off my face so next time I make a mask it will be looking like this. 

*The items I replaced are marked with an asterisk. 


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    1. so how did it work.. hoping no adverse reactions happened.. haha coz generally anything with lot of vitamin c needs to be used carefully on one's face.

    2. I was delayed i trying it...since I had some angry acne on my face. But I tried it two days ago. Skipped Calamine lotion, and used kumkumadi tailam in stead of almond oil. My skin was glowing and clear after this! Have some left over for a week later. Hope it stays good in the fridge

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