No Poo experiment - Simple desi version

Every curly haired girl has at one point of time or the other asked to go in for the no-poo method.  For the un-initiated , no poo method means not using a shampoo at all on your hair. A lot of people switch to washing hair with only water, only conditioner and various similar concoctions.  Sounds gross doesnt it. I thought no different, I have a few reasons for why it was not for me.

  1. I live in a humid sweaty and insanely polluted city called Mumbai, and going without shampoo for days let alone weeks always sounds like a bad idea. 
  2. I love my hair after a nice shampoo. It may smell a bit too strongly artificial, or feel only temporarily soft, I still love the effect too much to let go.
  3. I am scared of stinking my hair up if I give up on shampoo. 
So why try now. Because my hair was falling like crazy and I was getting insanely paranoid. I started reading all the prevent hair fall ads from Dr Batra's and other similar clinics a lot more closely. As a last resort I decided to try this.

Its been a week since I have gone no poo, and so far so good I would say. Though the temptation to reach for a yummy smelling shampoo is still there. I am going to try this for a month atleast. I have also made this a desi hair treatment of sorts.

I have been washing my hair with good old shikekai. So here is how I do it. I bought the whole shikekai pod from a local kirana store. Do not buy a ready made powder, it often can contain synthetic additives. 

Take a handful of shikekai pods (for shikekai water to last you 3 washes)
Boil Shikekai in 1 cup water and strain and use this water.
You can reboil the same pods, just crush them when they cool using a metal spoon add some water and boil.

In this shikekai water, I add one teaspoon of multani mitti (fuller's earth).  You can add more or less depending on how oily  your scalp is. If it is super greasy I would add 3 teaspoons of multani mitti, if it is super dry I would halve the amount of it to half a teaspoon. 

I am using the hesh multani mitti since it is the easiest to get. Multani mitti helps remove the grime, oil and dirt from your scalp while shikekai works like normal soap would and helps loosen all the oil at your scalp while also nourishing your scalp. 

I massage this mixture , which forms a thin watery paste on my scalp 5-10 mins before bath. On wet hair this mixture will literally slip off your hair and will not get enough time on your scalp as it should. Also massaging wet hair can lead to more breakage and hair fall. So please do apply this watery paste on dry hair. 

After 10 minutes I just wash this mixture off my head with warm water. Do make sure that you rinse thoroughly to get it all out. I quickly apply some conditioner (currently using L'oreal Hair spa) to my hair ends, proceed with the rest of my bath and then wash the conditioner off too.

This is an easy enough routine to follow even on work days and I have noticed my hair fall to have considerably reduced. 

I also add my ayurvedic hair spa  paste to the multani mitti and shikekai mixture when I want a little extra nourishment. 

Do try this easy peasy no poo method, where we go poo free while still enjoying the desi scalp cleansers. 

I am also listing below two variations I am considering for this.

You can boil reetha with shikekai (reetha is particularly good to help in controlling greasy scalp)
Add some dried amla powder to the mix when you have a bad dandruff. 


  1. i have very dry wavy hair... can i use multani mitti or its only for oily hair people

  2. I love Reetha shikekai for my hair. Makes it shiny, reduces fall dramatically and makes hair appear thicker! Apparently also tints hair and reduces greys, not sure about it though!

    Never tried multani mitti though...will do it!

  3. @anamika- i too have dry wavy hair, so i use multani mitti only on my scalp which tends to be oily. you can use multani mitti if you have an oily scalp. Just make sure you dont apply it on your hair length. also make sure u use a nice conditioner on your hair ends always.
    @varsha- i find that reetha shikekai do reduce hair fall in a big way. i was losing hair like some japanese horror movie , but now my hair loss is barely noticeable. also i find that my curls are better defined.


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