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Remembering the tragedy queen - Meena Kumari

Sorry for the long disappearances which are becoming a bit of a pattern. Have recently shifted to a new home and getting things running there was taking a while. I still need to get myself a camera.  An easy to carry basic one, not the SLR varieties before I can put up pictures again.

However moving on to today's post. Today morning they were showing a Meena Kumari special on DD Rangoli (its a must watch if you are a film buff and miss getting your dose of retro songs). A lot of things they said , about Kamaal Amrohi and her, her drinking, her subsequent death and the work of her life , Pakeezah, was something most of us already know. But watching songs from lesser known movies and seeing how she evolved , the way she wore her hair was a revelation of sorts.

In Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam , one of her most acclaimed works, she starts off as a prim and proper wife of a rich landlord, who is willing to do anything to get her husband's attentions, including hitting the bottle. This is…