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One Year of Fab Bag 2014-15

I have completed slightly more than 1 year with Fab bag. Not as an employee, but as a subscriber. I have found things I loved, things I hated and things that were just average. But that’s the point of a beauty subscription isn’t it. Ok before I go further here is what I felt. Let me start off by saying I was off to a bad start with Fabbag. After a 3 month subscription, when I extended the subscription to 1 full year, I was offered a 400rs discount, which I took. Not knowing that this 400 rs discount would lead to me not getting a Clinique lipstick worth 1200. Seemed hardly fair. Besides at no point was this clearly mentioned on the discount card. Not the one to take things as they are. I mailed them complaining and saying how tricked I felt. I thought they would take back my 400rs discount and give me the lippie. They did no such thing. And I still feel a little let down by that.
But but but.. they did send me some good products. They also sent me products that made me question whe…

Beauty Resolutions 2015

I have done the disappearing act once again. In keeping with the zeitgeist of the times, I thought I should do a beauty resolutions post
I hope to be a bit more regular (one of my many resolutions for the year.) However moving on, here are the beauty resolutions I have made, some of which are carryovers, some others I hope to get to.