Beauty Resolutions 2015

I have done the disappearing act once again. In keeping with the zeitgeist of the times, I thought I should do a beauty resolutions post

I hope to be a bit more regular (one of my many resolutions for the year.) However moving on, here are the beauty resolutions I have made, some of which are carryovers, some others I hope to get to.

  •   Go soap free – while it is nearly impossible to not use soap on one’s body in Mumbai summers, my face has been more or less soap free over the past six months. I am saying more or less because there are times when I just have to use a facewash. But luckily these times are rare, say about twice a month. I had started this process long back see here. The rest of the time I use oil cleansing, honey cleansing, oatmeal and any thing that catches my fancy. Will do a detailed post soon.
  • Cut down on shampoo -  I made an attempt to use reetha and shikakai a while back. Then got lazy and switched to using regular shampoos, I used to try so many that I would not remember which one worked and didn’t. But then I got insane amounts of hair loss. Being a beauty blogger you would think I would not make this mistake. But I did and how. So I am now alternating between reetha shikakai and Himalaya Anti Hair fall shampoo. Detailed post soon.
  •  Start the empties project – I read somewhere that nearly 70% of the cosmetics purchased are not used up completely. Other than being wasteful, this non usage of cosmetics is also a bit expensive on our pockets. So I am starting an empties project, which is going to be difficult to do for me too. But I hope to find innovative uses for all the cosmetics lying around.
  • Sell lip balms- I have always made my own lip balms, I hope that someday I will sell these. Its just a testing ground of sorts. I have the recipe, now I need to just get the project started.
  •   Fitness- Join a gym is on my to do list, as a not so new mother, I still have some kilos to shed and muscle to build. So let’s hope this works out.
  •   Beauty Regime – I am dying to develop a nice little beauty regime of my own. I have not yet hit on a good one. When I do I will tell you. Here are some good ones for those short on time, Miranda Kerr's regime and a busy mom Zoe's regime
  •  Blog more- No further comments.

Fingers crossed for all these resolutions lasting the year.  


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