One Year of Fab Bag 2014-15

I have completed slightly more than 1 year with Fab bag. Not as an employee, but as a subscriber. I have found things I loved, things I hated and things that were just average. But that’s the point of a beauty subscription isn’t it. Ok before I go further here is what I felt.
Let me start off by saying I was off to a bad start with Fabbag. After a 3 month subscription, when I extended the subscription to 1 full year, I was offered a 400rs discount, which I took. Not knowing that this 400 rs discount would lead to me not getting a Clinique lipstick worth 1200. Seemed hardly fair. Besides at no point was this clearly mentioned on the discount card. Not the one to take things as they are. I mailed them complaining and saying how tricked I felt. I thought they would take back my 400rs discount and give me the lippie. They did no such thing. And I still feel a little let down by that.

But but but.. they did send me some good products. They also sent me products that made me question whether they read my questionnaire or not. But these guys seem to have pulled up their socks, and since nOvember I am getting great products. At least I know my fab bag is based on the answers I provided to the questions asked so good going.  Also I had subscribed to 3 months of men’s fab bag for my husband (there I digress again), but that was not half as good as women’s thing.

The hits (some others that are missing simply got over and were thrown away)
 The misses (notice how brand new the misses look. It is because they almost are)

Someday I am going to find out how they actually work and understand the occasional lulls and really fab fab bags as well. So here is the first installment macro review of this beauty subscription service done month by month. 

·        December 2013 – My first ever fab bag
o   LA Splash nail color in Yellow Blowfish-  The first dud product from Fabbag.. A lovely shimmery yellow, more apt for summers, but sent in winters. Quality wise a total fail. Applies patchy, texture wise a total runny nail paint that seems to run away from my nails too.
o   H2O+ Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment - The best product in this bag was unfortunately too little for me to comment on efficacy. It felt good when applied, though I could get about 2-3 applications from the tiny tube. The full size seems too expensive, and I feel that at half its price my regular eye cream (wunder eye cream) does wonders. I wish the sample was larger so I could make a more informed decision.

·        January 2014 – This is getting better fab bag
o   Brocato Actives Restorative Serum – This was a rich thick serum that was perfect for a curly haired girl like me in Mumbai winters (which are not as cold as they are dry, by Mumbai standards)
o   I love strawberry face mask – A nice regular packaged face mask with awesome smell. This was an average product.

·   February 2014 –  The rule of averages fab bag 1
o   Cetaphil Cleansing lotion -  While this was one product I could easily buy from my chemist, Fab Bag sent this product in a perfect sample size bottle which I kept in my office. I simply loved this. Took off all the makeup, dust and oil from my face within no time. No fuss and no mess. Loved it. I still buy this from my chemist when my skin misbehaves.
o   Cetaphil Moisturising lotion – This one broke me out. Can you believe it. Cetaphil and breaking people out. But somehow I figure this lotion was too thick for me. Likely meant for dry skinned beauties. I wondered whether fabbag crew had read my preferences and skin type details.

·        March 2014 – The rule of averages fab bag2
o   Just Herbs Combo Pack- I got blemish fighting pack, day cream and night cream. All the products were great. The night cream was a bit too heavy but didn’t break me out. Simply loved the day cream that smelled of tomatoes and the face pack was nice too. (finally they remember my skin type yay).
o   Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick – This is a bit of a misnomer, this is neither a gloss nor a lipstick. This is nothing more than a tinted balm. That too difficult to apply on the lips. I have to literally press and swipe this on my lips for color to show up. No moisturisation, no colour and no gloss. Bad product all in all.

·       April 2014 – Birthday Month fab bag (my birthday month that is)
o   Sally Hansen Pedicure in a Minute – Full size bottle – Oh how I love fab bag this month. Foot scrub in a massive tube just in time for summer. Yay. This is great. Nah super great. Makes me happy happy. I still have some product left in this after using this atleast once every month. Saved me a pretty penny on pedicures as well.
o   Beauty UK Blush and Brush – Capital Pink- Very very bright color, too cool toned for a wheatish to dusky skin tone girl like me. Lots and lots of fall off. More than half of this product flies everywhere the minute I try applying this. Just as well really, makes me look like a clown anyways. So I don’t use this at all.

·       May 2014 – Summer Fab Bag 
o   Za Day Cream- This was a lovely sunscreen cum moisturizer and the sample size was good too. I used it till it got over a good one week. And it did make me look radiant.
o   Iraya Pomegranate Toner – I got two bottles of this, likely in error, but I finished both so I am not complaining. I used this after splashing some water on my face, to feel fresh. A nice quick pick me up. 


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