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100 day no buy challenge- Update 1

100 days of not buying is definitely not going to be easy. I was dying to peep into a Bharat & Dorris outlet in Infiniti Malad. But I knew there was no way I was going to come out empty handed from there. So I did not even sneak a peek. Aggh.  But I have watched a few beauty videos that will help me finish more products in shorter time.

Watch this video ladies. I have totally followed some of her tips, of keeping only the makeup you want to finish up right on top.

I am  also mixing up more of my lipsticks, layer pink and orange, there you have coral.
Adding some blush on my cheekbones for that I am so well rested look.
I am also finding myself applying moisturiser religiously.

I also found some blog posts and videos to help me in this endeavour. 

Lara's Beauty Bible


Let me know how is your journey going.

While looking through all my lipsticks, here is what I realized. All my lipsticks have an upward slope. Power woma…

100 days no buy challenge- From A Keypad Ninth Tourist

Well I just chanced upon akeypadninthtourist's blog following a comment. And look, now I have joined her challenge to buy no more. I was going mad on the nykaa and purplle sale. I will review those websites later, but not that they need much review. Most people reading this blog must have bought something from there. Most of her points rang true with me. So here is what I am going to do.

Here is what she has done, in case more of you want to join her challenge.
 I am adding her list with a different point 1 (hers is too difficult for me to start on just yet, will get to it soon) and  an additional point 3.
No shopping for 100 days for beauty products- No skincare, no makeup, no haircare. I have all the basic soaps, shampoos, conditioners and more. (I am making an exception to buying herbal hair powders like amla powder etc since I am suffering from major hair fall.) I am going to put all the things I like on some kind of wish list. So that i feel a little less bad about not buying.…

My Beauty Drawer and Skin Care Heroes

I have been following all Pinterest boards saying makeup organizer and how to arrange your makeup blah blah. Though all the people there have 20 times the makeup I do, I still do badly with organizing.

I only managed to get a lipstick stand custom made since it was not available anywhere near me.

I only have 12+3-4 lipsticks which are lying in my purse somewhere.

All my blushes together with lipgloss and eyeprimer are now in a box.

I did a post recently about natural skincare regime I am following where I mentioned I do switch between a facial oil and a night cream,

Here are my night creams, these are super pocket friendly and available at your chemist and loaded with prescriptive strength goodies like kojic acid, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Reviews to follow soon.

Busy Mommy Beauty Routine

Most of the people reading this blog would know that I have a 2 year old son. For those who don’t, well now you do. Also I am still working full time, which means I have no time at all for anything that would qualify as a beauty routine by beauty blogger standards.(which explains why I hardly update this blog) I do have a beauty simple basic beauty regime, that has gotten more natural since my pregnancy and continues to do so. I still have a long way to go my own standards. But here is what I do in the name of cleansing-toning and moisturizing.
Cleansing To do or not to do. Honestly as an oily skinned person, I noticed a big difference in my skin when I gave up soap and/or face wash for my face.I was breaking out, getting bumpy rashy and dull skin. I noticed this worsening post childbirth. Pregnancy was a breeze compared to what happened to my skin later. I stopped using soap and irritations disappeared and skin became glowy. No new products added, only products subtracted.