100 day no buy challenge- Update 1

100 days of not buying is definitely not going to be easy. I was dying to peep into a Bharat & Dorris outlet in Infiniti Malad. But I knew there was no way I was going to come out empty handed from there. So I did not even sneak a peek. Aggh.  But I have watched a few beauty videos that will help me finish more products in shorter time.

Watch this video ladies. I have totally followed some of her tips, of keeping only the makeup you want to finish up right on top.

I am  also mixing up more of my lipsticks, layer pink and orange, there you have coral.
Adding some blush on my cheekbones for that I am so well rested look.
I am also finding myself applying moisturiser religiously.

I also found some blog posts and videos to help me in this endeavour. 

Lara's Beauty Bible


Let me know how is your journey going.

While looking through all my lipsticks, here is what I realized. All my lipsticks have an upward slope. Power woman much,
What does the shape of yours say about you.


  1. Hang in there, it's never easy at the beginning. It's been 20 days since I started & I'm SO tempted to buy.
    Funny about the lipstick shape - mine is always almost similar to the original shape of the bullet. Don't know how some people manage to flatten it.

    1. I know, its amazing how I do some minor purchases here and there and do not even realize. It might just be a big body lotion jar that sounded super nourishing or a face powder. I am saving so much money. I am also making a list of things I want to buy when this challenge is over as an incentive. Lol.


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