100 days no buy challenge- From A Keypad Ninth Tourist

Well I just chanced upon akeypadninthtourist's blog following a comment. And look, now I have joined her challenge to buy no more. I was going mad on the nykaa and purplle sale. I will review those websites later, but not that they need much review. Most people reading this blog must have bought something from there. Most of her points rang true with me. So here is what I am going to do.

Here is what she has done, in case more of you want to join her challenge.
 I am adding her list with a different point 1 (hers is too difficult for me to start on just yet, will get to it soon) and  an additional point 3.
  1. No shopping for 100 days for beauty products- No skincare, no makeup, no haircare. I have all the basic soaps, shampoos, conditioners and more. (I am making an exception to buying herbal hair powders like amla powder etc since I am suffering from major hair fall.) I am going to put all the things I like on some kind of wish list. So that i feel a little less bad about not buying.
  2. Using makeup regularly - Unfortunately my workplace is a bit conventional, so no super bright and daring makeup in office. But this is my true challenge, to tone down the bright colors for everyday be it blush or lipstick. 
  3. Learning makeup basics- As a beauty blogger you would think I know this stuff. But no, I would love to learn how to better use foundation for office look. Wayne Goss, Lisa Eldridge, Michelle Phan and Jovita George you guys are going to get more hits.
  4. Paint my nails- I will definitely do this. I have been painting my toe nails religiously now. However finger nails I cannot really do a good job. And the chipping happens before you know. 
  5. Purge- Throw all the old makeup, the stuff I do not use, or is almost dead. 
  6. Stop saving my special occasion makeup-Completely agree on this. The expensive lipstick for weddings is now going to be used. I mean if I spent big bucks on it, I might as well get the most out of it. 
 For skincare, hair care and body care I am going to really use what I have and I have plenty of soaps and a huge Himalaya shampoo bottle, a Schwarzkopf shampoo for when I don't have the time to oil my hair, and a massive loreal liss ultime hair masque jar, I use this as a conditioner.

Will do a post on hair care sometime soon. Till then wish me luck.


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