Busy Mommy Beauty Routine

Most of the people reading this blog would know that I have a 2 year old son. For those who don’t, well now you do. Also I am still working full time, which means I have no time at all for anything that would qualify as a beauty routine by beauty blogger standards.(which explains why I hardly update this blog) I do have a beauty simple basic beauty regime, that has gotten more natural since my pregnancy and continues to do so. I still have a long way to go my own standards. But here is what I do in the name of cleansing-toning and moisturizing.

To do or not to do. Honestly as an oily skinned person, I noticed a big difference in my skin when I gave up soap and/or face wash for my face.  I was breaking out, getting bumpy rashy and dull skin. I noticed this worsening post childbirth. Pregnancy was a breeze compared to what happened to my skin later. I stopped using soap and irritations disappeared and skin became glowy. No new products added, only products subtracted.

 I started washing my face with multani mitti/haldi besan/masoor dal atta/oatmeal anything that was within easy reach and that I had remembered to stock up on.  My first choice was always multani mitti mixed with some water, but that got over mid-week and I was unable to go shop for it, so I was using besan and so on. To save time, I just mix a week’s facial cleanser in the fridge. Just take a bit and go. By the way I never wash my face with any of these in the morning. Also Salma Hayek herself advocated washing face just once, so how could I disagree. Mornings are way too hectic, I just rinse my face with water, wipe with a towel (a cotton pancha) and rinse again with cool water. The cleansing is a night routine. Face mask is applied before I clear the table and washed once I am done with everything.
This is the simplest thing I have done in the name of toning. I buy rose water and add half a bottle of calendula tincture to it. Got the calendula tincture for the baby’s rashes, but if it works for a child, it works for me too has led me to this marvelous home-made toner. I add one teaspoon of almond oil to an entire bottle of Dabur gulabari, and half bottle (around 30mls) of calendula tincture and mix it all and store it in a spray bottle. I mist this on my face once I wash my pack off. It feels nice and refreshing.
I end this with some facial oil (using homemade ones) or a massage cream which you need very little of since there is rose water toner on your face, or a regular night cream.  I have jumped on the band wagon and concocted some facial oils, I will share the recipes on this blog soon. But in a pinch you can just buy kumkumadi tailam from your closest ayurvedic shop and mix it with some almond oil or aloe vera gel, depending on the texture you prefer, oil or gel crème and apply as a night cream. You can definitely splurge on Kama’s kumkumadi tailam and night cream. I have only heard good things, but I have an Arya Vaidya Sala near my parents’ place, who are often asked to buy me a bottle once I run out of one. 

PS - I will probably do separate posts on my DIYs and product reviews. But till I manage to get a camera, I am going to keep these things on hold.  

And here is a picture of my son and I taken a while back, 


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