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Bong Food Craving and Pujo

Remember I said I was a foodie, and never again mentioned food items on this blog. Well that is about to change now. Here is what I have been craving for the past few months. Call it Pujo in the air, or the influence of my numerous Bengali friends resurfacing. But Bengali food has been on my mind for a while now. 

I went to the Powai Durga Puja pandals and finally ate Shorshe Paabda (Paabda fish in Mustard Gravy) with rice and what huge quantities. I was in heaven. The paabda was fresh almost creamy, and the shorshe sauce was well amazing. It was pungent, deliciously oily, and spicy with just a hint of sourness. Delicious. I ate with my hands, alas there was no place to sit and eat, or I swear there would be no flesh on the Paabda bones. But I did my best.

I wonder what started my bong food fascination, partly the loss of loving bong lunches and dinners enjoyed at a friend's place, since all my bong friends have migrated. And the craving. Oh the craving. I would dream of mustard…