The Golden Glow Makeup in 2 Products

There is a sale everywhere, a million and one tutorials on the glittery glam, golden glow and what not look. I was as on a no buy challenge on the worst time of the year to do it. But then it would not be a challenge had this been say summer or rainy season when the makeup temptation is not as much.

I desperately wanted to have that glowy look that all models have all year round. So here is what I did. I used an eyeshadow primer and a blush as highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer.

Ladies and ladies, I present to you the Faces Metaliglow Primer and the Chambor Blush in Amber Rose. These are absolute must haves.

The primer can be used of course as a primer, and is priced slightly on the higher side (around 700rs for a tiny tube), but since we do not have enough of eye primers in Indian market, this seems like the only option. FYI, I had this lying around in my drawers. Never used it except for weddings. But the challenge made me think on my feet.

I used this as a highlighter on my cheekbones, forehead, cupids bow. And did this work or what. It stayed put, of course being a primer and all that. It also is super easy to apply and blends easily.

The blush, oh my good lord. This is an epic blush that I strongly recommend, though I should confess that I find this overpriced as well. Is it just me, finding everything expensive, or has makeup in India become prohibitively costly. (this was 800rs or so when purchased about a year ago, see it is as good as new)

This is a colour that is between burnt orange and brick, applied very lightly, it does give a subtly flushed golden shimmery look. I am probably raving. But it is good.  I am an NC42 and I have trouble getting blushes to show up in the first place on my skin, and then I also need my blush to show a bit for night outs, for day time, its a very matte pink-peach blush by Bharat and Doris. But nights call for shimmer and a bit of risk taking. This colour was perfect. I wore it with a light hand, for a golden glow look.

This blush doubled up as an eyeshadow, a highlighter and a shimmer brick. Lovely non. It gives a back from a beach vacation glow and you totally do not need a bronzer since the blush is heavily pigmented and on the burnt orange side. Super duper perfect.

Lesson learnt, not buying things makes you realize how much of products you have at home waiting to be used up. Just keep using products differently, blend blend, watch millions of youtube makeup tip videos, there is just so much of interesting information there. (there are also some really blah ones).

The biggest bonus, using one product on eyes, cheeks and overall face gives you a monochromatic look, really pulled together. This video above was my inspiration. She has used a lot of products, I didn't have them. But the look we are going for is more or less like this. Shall post  a LOTD soon.

Here are the swatches.

Sorry still no camera. So the phone barely does this any justice. But do atleast swatch these products next time you see a chambor or a faces booth.

Btw on day 73 of the challenge. Yay.


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