100 day no buy challenge completed

I am finally done with my challenge, 108 days without a single beauty product, not even shampoo or conditioner. Not that i ran out of anything, but since when did we wait to finish a bottle to buy another.  I am so glad that now i can atleast consider whether or not to purchase so many things I was eyeing throughout the challenge. Instead of doing a haul and lust list or just a lust list, what with it being christmas and all, I thought I should share my experience on this challenge.

  1. You realise how easily small purchases add up. - I used to buy things like kohl pencil (200 rs) and some normal lipstick (600 rs) and slowly slowly my bill would cross 1000rs and still counting. It doesn't matter if you buy one at a time, or haul it all in at once, do not impulse buy. Think, think, and think some more. Do research and then buy. 
  2. My makeup drawers were full, and i still have not made a dent on my collection, which is moderate to meagre for a beauty blogger. But you learn to use all the duds in innovative ways and discover a few hidden gems along the way. 
  3. I had set my self a goal of using makeup everyday to office, i only followed through for a month or so. I failed so miserably at this. The mornings for me are such a fight that i cannot even begin 
  4. Every week when you look through your office clothes for a week, look through makeup and skincare also. I am too lazy to set them out apart, but i just have an idea of what I will wear through the week. Every week I started taking out a tube or two of creams, generally received in my Fab bag, and I finally finished 2. One was a hand cream called Southern Spice (that smelled nothing like spice, maybe it got too old.) the other was a face cream by Ananda Spa. I wanted to keep my makeup aside also, but somehow that did not happen. 
That is all from my side for now. I will be back with some detailed reviews and lust list and maybe a haul.


  1. Congrats for completing the challenge. Its so difficult to self-impose such a ban for more than one month. Kuddos to you.
    Looking forward to more posts from you...

    1. Hi Dipti, i know it was sooo impossible. I kept cursing myself for taking the challenge on almost daily. And the worst bit was the challenge was during the festive season. I am still thinking of things I desperately want to /need to buy. I used to go to lot of makeup sites and fill my cart and just logout without checking out. It was a crazy thing to do, but it worked.

  2. Congrats girl. I've tried this God awful challenge twice & failed miserably both times. Atleast you have more willpower than me. Kudos for sticking with it especially during festival sales.

    1. hey you have no idea how mental i went during those ban days. And the new launches made it insane. But I have promised myself a trip to beauty center Khar and to simply splurge there. I also bought some Kryolan products and a few other beauty goodies two weeks ago. So I am totally making up for lost time.


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