Eat Local Think Global - Implementing Rujuta Diwekar's Thoughts

I am positively horrid with exercise. I keep procrastinating. I hope someday (hopefully soon) I will get my act together on this one. But till then I thought to implement her eat local funda. It seems very easy and almost common sensical, but honestly this takes a fair bit of effort, though every bit of it is worth it.

So what is eat local, it means to eat what you naturally grow and easily get which translates into eating seasonal produce. Mangoes and sitaphal are recommended, but each in their season, no mango pulp in winter or sitafal ice cream in summer.  Now how do you do this on a day to day basis. That is a killer. I am putting down what I am doing to implement it.

 Eat ancient grains - This does not just mean quinoa or couscous. I have started eating jowar and bajra rotis twice a week. I hope to make this a more frequent occurence. Also eating jowar and bajra in winter is considered to help keep the body warm. Not that there is much of a winter in Mumbai. But nonetheless. Ragi is good in all seasons, but super highly recommended for summers since it is considered cooling.

Buy from local sabji wala - I love shopping, and not just clothes, but even vegetables and fruits. I used to get my vegetables from online sites. I realized that not only was I getting oldish vegetables, I did not have an option to really go local. Think how impossible it is to buy toovar dana (fresh ones) online, and yet how easily you can buy it from your local sabji mandi. I just made some undhiyu with toovar dana, baby potatoes and purple yam and am I thrilled or what.

Ask around - Do not be ashamed to ask your vegetable or fruit vendor what is being sold, and the smallest portion he will give you of it. Sometimes we just don't know what a vegetable is, or have never seen it in its raw form. I ate what I was told is a 'meetha aaloo' (sweet potato) by a street vendor in Kolkata and it turned out to be a sweet turnip. It was really oh so sweet and fresh.

Lookup Recipes - This is my favouritest part of the whole implementation. I love looking for different ways to make the same vegetable. You need not even go outside India, the diversity in our regional cuisine means that you can 5 different types of potatoes, and not venture out of a state. And if you are tired of those 5 types there are 28 more states  to choose from.

On this quest, here is what I have prepared so far
- Undhiyu
- Pithla Bhakri (love this to bits)
- Kolhapuri Chicken
-Poha Payasam
- Curd and Poha (Maharashtrian answer to bircher muesli)
- Paneer Parathas
- Amaranth Leaves vegetable
- Chowli leaves/ Cow pea leaves
- Mayalu
- Sarso ka Saag
- Dum Aloo

And this is only the beginning.



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