My current makeup and beauty reads

Sorry for my disappearing acts, which are pretty much the norm now. Here is what I have been doing to get my daily dose of makeup and beauty.

Following this all in one makeup blog. You want make up breakdown, discussions on history of makeup or simply learn how to put on your foundation correctly, she is your go to. I especially loved her videos on pink lipsticks, explaining different shades and undertones. Though a lot of those shades would hardly show up on my wheatish complexion, I still liked her patience and her entire demo of how to do your makeup to balance the pink lipstick.

Pink lipstick guide video is a must watch if you love pink lipsticks and an even more helpful watch if you are clueless about pink.

Another amazing find of a beauty blog is Into the gloss. The people they feature often give you some rare beauty tip, be it about fragrances or makeup or hair care. I have found quite a few such tips here. Also what I really love are the pictures of people's bathrooms. Oh gives me so much to wish for. I love going to people's bathrooms and seeing what they use. It totally makes any boring party worth it. (Hope I am not the only one to be doing this)

Amongst Indian beauty blogs that I follow, there is ofcourse Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog. I love how extensive it is. Almost all the products that are in the market are reviewed by them and all different shades too.

I also read Wiseshe, they have a good collection of tips and home remedies and lipsticks.

I have started looking at beauty bloggers on youtube and a lot of them are so much fun. One interesting youtube channel for makeup looks depending on seasons etc and using indian wheatish skin toned models is eltonjfernandez. He has a very crazy sense of humour, speaks bambaiya hindi terms, such as 'mundi' (not punjabi for girl, but marathi slang for head), ragdao (to overuse) and his looks and technique is very helpful. Of course he is professional and he says so upfront, so there are things he can do better than most his viewers, but I appreciate his honesty. It would be great though if he could simplify or show in detail the things he does instinctively as a professional.

The other Indian beauty bloggers are the usual suspects, Mr Jovita George, SJlovesjewelery (misleading name, since she really does truly love makeup and beauty above all else), Shruti Anand.

Tell me who you follow, what you read. 


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