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Busy Mom Diaries - Hair care

Being a mom and working full time, means 'busy' becomes your middle name. There are days when I just walk out of the house with just sunscreen on my face and hair tied up in a bun, because I do not have the time to comb it. Food blogs are visited more often than makeup blogs, and beauty just took a back seat. Though I am planning as always to change that.

My hair needs major therapy, crazy hair fall and dryness. I am looking around for salons that offer treatment, so Mumbai people, feel free to give reccos.

I noticed a lot of hair fall, and dryness and breakage 2015-June onwards. Lots of things were tried and I also made the epic mistake of going for a cysteine treatment in 2016. There is nothing wrong with it per se, other than the fact that it is insane to not be allowed to oil one's hair, and even with the recommended products which cost a bomb, I ended up with crazy dandruff. No home remedies could be used since they were simply not allowed with these products. I live…