Busy Mom Diaries - Hair care

Being a mom and working full time, means 'busy' becomes your middle name. There are days when I just walk out of the house with just sunscreen on my face and hair tied up in a bun, because I do not have the time to comb it. Food blogs are visited more often than makeup blogs, and beauty just took a back seat. Though I am planning as always to change that.

My hair needs major therapy, crazy hair fall and dryness. I am looking around for salons that offer treatment, so Mumbai people, feel free to give reccos.

I noticed a lot of hair fall, and dryness and breakage 2015-June onwards. Lots of things were tried and I also made the epic mistake of going for a cysteine treatment in 2016. There is nothing wrong with it per se, other than the fact that it is insane to not be allowed to oil one's hair, and even with the recommended products which cost a bomb, I ended up with crazy dandruff. No home remedies could be used since they were simply not allowed with these products. I lived like this for 2 months and gave up. I applied hair oil, and just around then stumbled across Shayoni's blog that pointed me to Japakusum scalp lotion.  This is a wonder product, if you don't have it, go get it. Like seriously. This fought my dandruff and reduced hairfall considerably. Only problem I have with this is, that if I apply this before bed, I catch a cold, and mornings are too rushed to apply this.

Also it is meant for scalp so my dry hair was still dry and I didn't want to load up on too much hair conditioner with silicones (plus the aforesaid busy mornings). So what is a girl to do. Here is the hair care routine I worked out,

  • Apply Japakusum scalp lotion twice a week. One is a weekend morning, and some weekday evening post returning from work. 
  • Apply Maxcare virgin coconut oil on my hair ends (and scalp occasionally), any virgin coconut oil does wonders for dry hair and this one has given me softer hair ends. I try to do a hot oil massage on weekends, but coconut oil is a pain to wash off. So I try and use oil very sparingly. 
  • Shampoo is Biotique Green Apple shampoo for babies, this doesn't stop hair fall but neither does it increase it, also no impact on my dandruff. Occasionally I apply Scalpe dandruff shampoo, leave it for 5 to 10 mins and wash off with water, this works wonders on dandruff, but is a bit on the drying side. That said, you should not use it on oily hair or use oil afterwards, it simply wont work then. I am also working hard to finish my Schwarzkopf Bonacure Damage Repair shampoo. 
  • Conditioner is Himalaya Protein Hair cream, as this is a leave on, I sometimes skip conditioner and reach for this instead. On other days I use Loreal Professionel Liss Ultime hair masque. I have a big dabba that I simply cannot seem to finish and I am working very hard not to buy new things till I finish my current stock. (wish me luck)
  • Other things I occasionally apply (once a month), herbal hair packs (have some shortcuts here, will share in a detailed post soon). My hair packs typically contain a lot of hibiscus powder and varying amounts of other things. Nature's co rosemary and fenugreek hair pack mixed with curd is good too. 

Hope this helps all the people out there trying to deal with hair issues.


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