Busy Mom Diaries - Hair care - 2

Hello all you lovely people. First and foremost I want to share with you all that I have finally found a few products that really work for me. I am going to share some of these in this post and if you need detailed reviews just drop me a line. 

Like I mentioned in my previous post I was seeing an insane amount of hairfall. I was seeing some thinning and insanely dry hair. Of course I went for a couple of spas thinking this would make my life easier.  All the parlour ladies were pushing me to do some expensive treatments because my hair was in the condition that it was. This time I did not fall in their trap and told them the dandruff and madness that cysteine led me to, up front. Lesson learnt, do take advice from your stylist and hair dresser, but be very clear in telling them what does/does not work for you also. We don’t need to obey them blindly. I learnt this the hard way.

Learning aside, I still had a problem on my hands as long as my hair was concerned. I had to do something to sort things out, and I did the most basic of them all. I developed a proper hair care regimen. First things first, I started myself on the curly girl method, that means combing my hair only with conditioner on it or on days you are going to wash your hair, that is to say you have oiled your hair in anticipation of the wash. Otherwise, no combing whatsoever. In a pinch, run your fingers through your hair and tie it in a ponytail. Remember this makes your hair lose a bit of the curl, so be sure to spritz some water and apply some leave in. 

So here is my hair care routine:- 

Shampoo - Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo for Falling Hair- This is really good, it is not miraculous in that it won’t give you lush hair growth in a few uses. Somehow this has reduced my hair fall though. Interestingly this shampoo is also really good at removing oil from your hair. Do note I am not referring to heavy oiling where people have their hair dripping with oil, but normal light oiling where you oil your scalp, more to facilitate a head massage and ends  so that they look less dry then they usually do. I find that such kind of oiling is well taken care of by this shampoo. I have not used this shampoo with heavy oiling, likely you may need to use it twice if you do that kind of oiling. 

Oil- I use Kama Neelibhringadi since it is summer time, I have a strong tendency to catch a cold and any thing containing brahmi or bhringaraj has me down with a cold. So though I love this oil to bits, I can only use this oil in summer that too I have to make sure I dont apply this on my scalp at night. I just apply this very lightly during the day and wash off in an hour or two. I also got myself Iraya Keshvardhak Hair oil. This one is really good, light, easy to wash off and since it is not mainly comprised of bhringa or brahmi so I can use it before bed. I also bought the vitamin E capsules for hair available at all beauty supply stores. The vitamin E oil in these is thinner and deodorized, this way I can use it more often. The vit E capsules we get from the chemist though very effective are a bit smelly and sticky. 

Conditioner- This for me is one of the key game changers. I have started using more (more quantity per wash) of the conditioners I already had at home to make things better, a la curly girl method. I didnt have it in me to throw silicone conditioners, so now I am using them up. I think I will be one of those who uses both silicone and silicone free conditioners in the curly girl method.  Conditioners I am using are DeFab Silicone Free Conditioner (from my cysteine treatment days), L'oreal Liss Ultime Keratin oil hair masque, Organic Surge Moisture boost conditioner. I have read a few curly hair blogs, and plan to do some co-washing using some cheaper conditioners. The Bombay summers are making my hair very sweaty and smelly so somehow I am not yet ready to give up my shampoos.

Leave in – I am currently using some aloe vera gel mixed with argan oil as my leave in. I have also made my own hair serum, which is a lot of oils mixed together, including coconut, walnut and jojoba oils. I alternate between this and argan oil and use this on my hair.  On days when this feels like too much of a bother, I simply reach out for Himalaya protein cream. This (using leave ins more often) keeps my hair ends moisturized and reduces hair breakage and tangling (crucial since I no longer comb my hair every day as I once used to)


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