Beast mode Men's Perfumes from Ajmal, India

Perfumes have always been an old love. They are also very much an addiction. I love love love perfumes, everything about them, their history, the fragrance, the story behind each bottle, or the absence of it too and above all how they make me feel.  Isnt that why we wear fragrances.  I have of late been lurking on Fragrantica, and that site is brilliant to be on if you love perfumes. But that also means you have an ever increasing wishlist. Any how today I will review 2 perfumes by Ajmal. Both of these are marketed as men’s colognes, but oh boy do I love them or what. First I don’t believe that perfumes should have a gender, second, if they do, have a gender that is, women do get away wearing men’s perfumes a lot easier than the other way around.

On to the review then, I bought these beauties a while back, in fact have finished them recently, and thought now is the time to review since I have used these extensively.

Ajmal Utopia – This is a dead ringer for Calvin Klein’s Escape. I am talking about the 90s juice of Escape. I wore Escape every chance I got, loved it to bits. The current Escape is still good, but smells milder than its 90s avatar. Likely due to some reformulation, or maybe I ended up smelling old stock at the counter. It opens aquatic, citrusy and slowly veers into the  spicy woody territory. It stays on me for a good 12 hours, but then I have oily skin, if your skin is dry, you are looking at 8 to 10 hours of longevity. That said, it is still a beast mode scent because it survives the Bombay summers beautifully.  Cost me INR 1500 when I purchased this from the Ajmal store, but it was a 75 ml bottle (maybe 100ml too, feels heavier than the Shadow bottle) and lasts forever. It is a super heavy and bulky bottle, not for travelling with. 

Ajmal Shadow – This is Issey Miyake meets noir. Take Issey Miyake Homme Intense and intensify it further two times over and then add some woody touch. Et voila, you have your very own desi version. This is strictly a night perfume, unlike Utopia, which is good for both day and night wear. Ideally this is the perfume I would expect people to wear on winter nights for dinners or parties, it is that intense. This is not for college kids, it has a very grown up air about it, and nothing aquatic or fresh in it.  Use very sparingly, one spritz is quite enough if you are going for a dinner or so. If you are hitting the club, then two spritzes and no more. I can smell this on me next day and on the clothes day after. I use no more than one spritz and it still radiates for the first 6 to 7 hours till about say an arm’s length.  By the way I love Issey Miyake to bits and as a result this was a lovely buy for me. Wear it with caution though, you don’t want to bomb the place with it. This was INR 2000 for a 75 ml bottle.

In conclusion, Utopia is the perfume that the everyone can enjoy at any and every occasion, however Shadow is meant for a mature person and for colder weather.

Please note, I bought these fragrances 2 years ago, with a lot of other items, so maybe there is a slight price variation. This is a very basic fragrance review, I will someday do a more detailed one, if anyone is interested. 

Images from Fragrantica and Amazon respectively.


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