Beast mode Men's Perfumes from Ajmal, India

Perfumes have always been an old love. They are also very much an addiction. I love love love perfumes, everything about them, their history, the fragrance, the story behind each bottle, or the absence of it too and above all how they make me feel.  Isnt that why we wear fragrances.  I have of late been lurking on Fragrantica, and that site is brilliant to be on if you love perfumes. But that also means you have an ever increasing wishlist. Any how today I will review 2 perfumes by Ajmal. Both of these are marketed as men’s colognes, but oh boy do I love them or what. First I don’t believe that perfumes should have a gender, second, if they do, have a gender that is, women do get away wearing men’s perfumes a lot easier than the other way around.
On to the review then, I bought these beauties a while back, in fact have finished them recently, and thought now is the time to review since I have used these extensively.

Ajmal Utopia – This is a dead ringer for Calvin Klein’s Escape. I am…

Busy Mom Diaries - Hair care - 2

Hello all you lovely people. First and foremost I want to share with you all that I have finally found a few products that really work for me. I am going to share some of these in this post and if you need detailed reviews just drop me a line. 
Like I mentioned in my previous post I was seeing an insane amount of hairfall. I was seeing some thinning and insanely dry hair. Of course I went for a couple of spas thinking this would make my life easier.  All the parlour ladies were pushing me to do some expensive treatments because my hair was in the condition that it was. This time I did not fall in their trap and told them the dandruff and madness that cysteine led me to, up front. Lesson learnt, do take advice from your stylist and hair dresser, but be very clear in telling them what does/does not work for you also. We don’t need to obey them blindly. I learnt this the hard way.

Learning aside, I still had a problem on my hands as long as my hair was concerned. I had to do something to …

Busy Mom Diaries - Hair care

Being a mom and working full time, means 'busy' becomes your middle name. There are days when I just walk out of the house with just sunscreen on my face and hair tied up in a bun, because I do not have the time to comb it. Food blogs are visited more often than makeup blogs, and beauty just took a back seat. Though I am planning as always to change that.

My hair needs major therapy, crazy hair fall and dryness. I am looking around for salons that offer treatment, so Mumbai people, feel free to give reccos.

I noticed a lot of hair fall, and dryness and breakage 2015-June onwards. Lots of things were tried and I also made the epic mistake of going for a cysteine treatment in 2016. There is nothing wrong with it per se, other than the fact that it is insane to not be allowed to oil one's hair, and even with the recommended products which cost a bomb, I ended up with crazy dandruff. No home remedies could be used since they were simply not allowed with these products. I live…

My current makeup and beauty reads

Sorry for my disappearing acts, which are pretty much the norm now. Here is what I have been doing to get my daily dose of makeup and beauty.

Following this all in one makeup blog. You want make up breakdown, discussions on history of makeup or simply learn how to put on your foundation correctly, she is your go to. I especially loved her videos on pink lipsticks, explaining different shades and undertones. Though a lot of those shades would hardly show up on my wheatish complexion, I still liked her patience and her entire demo of how to do your makeup to balance the pink lipstick.

Pink lipstick guide video is a must watch if you love pink lipsticks and an even more helpful watch if you are clueless about pink.

Another amazing find of a beauty blog is Into the gloss. The people they feature often give you some rare beauty tip, be it about fragrances or makeup or hair care. I have found quite a few such tips here. Also what I really love are the pictures of people's bathrooms. Oh …

Eat Local Think Global - Implementing Rujuta Diwekar's Thoughts

I am positively horrid with exercise. I keep procrastinating. I hope someday (hopefully soon) I will get my act together on this one. But till then I thought to implement her eat local funda. It seems very easy and almost common sensical, but honestly this takes a fair bit of effort, though every bit of it is worth it.

So what is eat local, it means to eat what you naturally grow and easily get which translates into eating seasonal produce. Mangoes and sitaphal are recommended, but each in their season, no mango pulp in winter or sitafal ice cream in summer.  Now how do you do this on a day to day basis. That is a killer. I am putting down what I am doing to implement it.

 Eat ancient grains - This does not just mean quinoa or couscous. I have started eating jowar and bajra rotis twice a week. I hope to make this a more frequent occurence. Also eating jowar and bajra in winter is considered to help keep the body warm. Not that there is much of a winter in Mumbai. But nonetheless. Ragi…

100 day no buy challenge completed

I am finally done with my challenge, 108 days without a single beauty product, not even shampoo or conditioner. Not that i ran out of anything, but since when did we wait to finish a bottle to buy another.  I am so glad that now i can atleast consider whether or not to purchase so many things I was eyeing throughout the challenge. Instead of doing a haul and lust list or just a lust list, what with it being christmas and all, I thought I should share my experience on this challenge.

You realise how easily small purchases add up. - I used to buy things like kohl pencil (200 rs) and some normal lipstick (600 rs) and slowly slowly my bill would cross 1000rs and still counting. It doesn't matter if you buy one at a time, or haul it all in at once, do not impulse buy. Think, think, and think some more. Do research and then buy. My makeup drawers were full, and i still have not made a dent on my collection, which is moderate to meagre for a beauty blogger. But you learn to use all the d…

The Golden Glow Makeup in 2 Products

There is a sale everywhere, a million and one tutorials on the glittery glam, golden glow and what not look. I was as on a no buy challenge on the worst time of the year to do it. But then it would not be a challenge had this been say summer or rainy season when the makeup temptation is not as much.

I desperately wanted to have that glowy look that all models have all year round. So here is what I did. I used an eyeshadow primer and a blush as highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer.

Ladies and ladies, I present to you the Faces Metaliglow Primer and the Chambor Blush in Amber Rose. These are absolute must haves.

The primer can be used of course as a primer, and is priced slightly on the higher side (around 700rs for a tiny tube), but since we do not have enough of eye primers in Indian market, this seems like the only option. FYI, I had this lying around in my drawers. Never used it except for weddings. But the challenge made me think on my feet.

I used this as a highlighter on my ch…